We create, design and manage entrepreneurship programs to encourage diversity  address inclusivity  boost meritocracy  create decent jobs motivate economic growth increase quality of life strengthen ecosystems promote innovation

We create, design and manage entrepreneurship programs to encourage diversity  address inclusivity  boost meritocracy  create decent jobs motivate economic growth increase quality of life strengthen ecosystems promote innovation

Let’s design the perfect entrepreneurship program for your organization


Engage your employees with your organization’s values, promote innovation in the sector of your preference and build diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial initiatives.


Generate growth opportunities, increase the quality of life of vulnerable groups and promote social innovation to solve the problems that truly matter.

Dev. Agencies & Governments

Generate decent jobs, let us increase the capacity of local incubators so they can scale entrepreneurship support in your region and promote innovation where it’s most needed.
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The secret sauce to all of our programs

We have the perfect combination of pedagogical techniques, technological features, personalized support and a supportive community.

Program Management

Count with a team of multilingual professionals that have designed and managed 264 entrepreneurship programs worldwide to help you run your own program from A to Z and achieve your organization’s goals. Your program manager may be Santiago Garcia from Argentina, Margarida Soares from Portugal, Sebastian Beeche from Costa Rica, Natàlia Bartrolí from Spain or another one of our expert program managers.

Leading methodology

With our “learn by doing” methodology inspired by MIT’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship we can ensure entrepreneurs create validated businesses as they work week by week in the incubation platform and through one-to-one sessions with their personal mentor.

Incubation Platform

Our incubation platform takes the complexity of building an entrepreneurship program and makes it into a smooth and manageable process all-in-one place. Your team can be as hands on or off as you need to. 

Community Building

We provide a space to foster a dynamic entrepreneurship ecosystem where connections between entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and organizations happen everyday. The space is accessible to all participants for life and entrepreneurs can access perks valued in over $30K, training, and events.

Build the perfect program for your organization

Our latest programs

Desafío Ashoka Changemakers

Ashoka launches in Spain, in collaboration with IKEA, its incubation program for social projects, which seeks to reach all entrepreneurs in the country. Become a mentor and support them to promote social innovation and economic growth in the country.

The John D’Silva Incubator

In honor of John D’Silva’s legacy and the mission he left behind, Web City Properties is proud to launch a partnership with Bridge for Billions a program to support first-generation immigrant entrepreneurs in the United States to launch and advance their businesses through a high-quality, effective entrepreneurship support program.

Ayudando A Quienes Ayudan

Foundation Gloria Kriete trains social entrepreneurs in El Salvador. For 2nd year in a row, it will host 2023 Entrepreneurial Incubator, training 30 entrepreneurs to develop purpose-driven businesses. Selected projects will be part of a comprehensive training program and have chance to apply to "Ayudando A Quienes Ayudan" seed capital contest.

BBK Ekin 2023

BBK Ekin incubates social entrepreneurs developing businesses with a positive social impact. Finalist projects will be incubated for four months, and the three best projects will receive up to €10,000 in cash prizes.

Impulsa 2023

Program for ventures in Central America that are in the idea phase or that have already been launched and need to develop and validate their business plan.


IN-HABIT Riga will set up a multifunctional food hub for sustainably produced and locally sourced food in the area of the ?genskalns market, serving as a recreational and educational space for all ages and social groups.

IN-HABIT Cordoba

IN-HABIT Cordoba will use this rich cultural heritage to explore its culture in the promotion of inclusive health and wellbeing, investigating social, cultural, digital, technological and nature-based innovations and developing green, sustainable and creative areas to drive inclusion in more deprived neighborhoods.


IN-HABIT Lucca will foster the human-animal relationships, making it the first Hum-An smart city in Europe. By better mobilizing existing animal resources, the project will contribute to social innovation based on transition management methods and intergenerational open participation of citizens. There will be animal paths (such as cyclepaths) con...


Through an integrated environment and art corridor, IN-HABIT Nitra will connect places and people. As part of these innovations, minority groups of people with special needs who are traditionally underrepresented in city planning and development have been included in the different stages of the project to boost inhabitant health and well-being. By ...

Sustainable Forest Trade Program – Thailand

With the support of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and Bridge for Billions, an incubation program will be launch in Thailand that will support up to 50 early-stage companies with the potential to promote sustainable timber trade.

Sustainable Forest Trade Program – Vietnam

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and Bridge for Billions, joined forces to create an incubation program that will support up to 50 early-stage enterprises from Vietnam with the potential to promote sustainable timber trade in the region.

Ella Emprende

Ella Emprende program encourages women's entrepreneurial spirit and helps them develop their business ideas in the departments of Sacatepéquez, Quetzaltenango, and Guatemala. Through a four-month online program, we will select 20 women entrepreneurs to receive guidance from a specialized mentor as they validate their business models, define thei...


We have partnered with Impact Hub Port-au-Prince, Caseli Foundation, and Cedel Haiti to develop early-stage ventures that will scale their impact and reach more communities at the end of the program. We will select 30 entrepreneurs to join this program.

Puentes de Desarrollo BI

Puentes de Desarrollo Bi is an incubation program run by Banco Industrial and Bridge for Billions with the aim of generating positive impact on economic and social development in Guatemala. In total, 150 Guatemalan entrepreneurs from Antigua Guatemala, Chimaltenango, and Quetzaltenango will be trained as part of this initiative.

IDEA App Cambodia EIP

IDEA App Cambodia EIP is the Enterprise Incubation Program initiated by Khmer Enterprise in partnership with UNIDO Cambodia through implementation of a UN joint program on the “Decent Employment for Youth in Cambodia” funded by the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC).

Honduras Digital Challenge

The Honduras Digital Challenge incubation program is an initiative of private enterprise and international institutions to support local and regional entrepreneurs in the creation of new products/services based on the use of technology.
We have carried out 264 entrepreneurship programs
helping more than 3661 entrepreneurs 
in 132 countries
"Thanks to Bridge for Billions, the winners of our GIRA Mujeres program to promote female entrepreneurship received specialized mentoring and support at a key moment in their entrepreneurial initiatives. Through this mentoring they received the necessary tools to launch their projects and generate a positive impact in their environments and places of origin."
Carmen Gómez-Acebo
Sustainability Director, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Iberia

The right combination of purpose, attitude and know-how. All in one team

We believe that no matter the country, area of innovation, socioeconomic level or gender, entrepreneurs who want to develop sustainable and innovative solutions to solve the problems that truly matter should have access to the right support and resources. By supporting the development and creation of startups at the right stage together we’ll be able to take innovation to where it has never been before and generate decent growth and job opportunities for all.

That’s why our team of incubation experts has built entrepreneurship programs all around the world to support 5049 founders from 98 countries with all types of clients in the mission to create a more inclusive, efficient and meritocratic entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Join the movement.

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