We believe in the exchange of ideas.

Support is incredibly valuable for your business, but we know it’s hard to come by at early stages. That’s why we’ve made personal online mentorship the cornerstone of our incubation program.

What to expect from my mentor during the incubation program?

From helping you challenge the foundation of your customers’ pains, to defining the right pricing strategy for your product or service, your mentor will be by your side throughout the 3-month program to review your business plan, challenge your ideas, and provide insights.

Your mentor will meet you weekly for online sessions.

Combine your ideas with the expertise and trajectory of your mentor to discuss the next steps of your business plan, refocus your efforts, and decide how to move forward. Choose a weekly meeting time together with your mentor so you can focus on what’s important. Sessions with your mentor are about 1.5 hours a week.

Why should you have a mentor?

1. Accountability!

You’ll never postpone working on your project again. Your mentor and your incubation manager will be there to make sure you’re right on track. In just 3-months you’ll have an actionable business plan in your hands.

2. Avoid costly mistakes

Having someone to discuss your ideas with and make sure you’re moving in the right direction is invaluable.

3. You won’t be alone

It’s a scary journey but having the support of your mentor and peers to share the experience with and to solve all the doubts that will pop up gives you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

4. Perspective

Having another set of eyes on your project helps you notice mistakes sooner and get a fresh look on the overall direction of your business.

My mentor was there for me...

Eugenia Gargallo
Eugenia Gargallo
Founder of UP Training, Spain
January 2016​
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Having such a highly-structured and intuitive process has helped my project progress from idea to a fully-fleshed out business. I am so thankful for having Bridge for Billions supporting me… I don’t know where I’d be without Bridge and my mentor.
Kader Ilboudo
Kader Ilboudo
Founder of Agrotrada, Burkina Faso
August 2019
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Before Bridge for Billions , it was very confusing in my head, now I have a clear sight of my business thanks to tools, training and mentorship. That is all what a young entrepreneur needs for at the beginning
Eider Etxebarria
Eider Etxebarria
Co-founder of BiziPoz, Spain
June 2017​
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The program helped us assess the viability of our project. Our mentor was very involved and her guidance had a real effect on our company’s development and sustainability.
Serban Damian
Serban Damian
Founder of Superfit, Romania
January 2019
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As an entrepreneur, you tend to be in love with your idea and expect that everyone will feel the same way.

What’s the journey like?

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