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Fondo Esperanza
By Irene Padovese|

Bridge for Billions x EDP: towards a just energy transition

By Javier Calvo Patiño|

Building Sustainable Ecosystems: Bridge for Billions’ Conecta Program

Programas ToT de Bridge for Billions
By Javier Calvo Patiño|

Strengthening Local Entrepreneurship: Bridge for Billions ToT Programs

Los Programas Directos de Bridge for Billions
By Javier Calvo Patiño|

Transforming ideas into realities: The direct programs of Bridge for Billions

Gina Ramos
By Irene Padovese|

Solar power success: Gina Ramos’ entrepreneurial journey in the Philippines

Global consumers
By Irene Padovese|

Global consumers trends: brand perception insights

By Irene Padovese|

Solving poverty through entrepreneurship: Pablo Santaeufemia journey

By Javier Calvo Patiño|

Why incubation programs are crucial for early-stage entrepreneurs

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