Collaboration models for social impact in entrepreneurship

Learn more about the 3 collaboration models we adopt to establish partnerships: the Direct Program, the Training of Trainers and the Ecosystem Builders Models.
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At Bridge for Billions, we drive global entrepreneurship using three collaboration models. Partnerships are central to our approach, and the involvement of various actors depends on the impact we aim for in the ecosystem.

Explore the three tailored models that cater to the specific needs and goals of our clients: the Direct Program, the Training of Trainers (ToT), and the Ecosystem Builders.

The Direct Program Model

Our Direct Program stands as a robust, all-encompassing incubation solution that works for a diverse clientele, from corporations to foundations and public entities. Serving as the cornerstone of our offerings, this model reflects the starting point for those seeking to make a positive impact through entrepreneurship.

With this collaboration model, Clients benefit from a well-managed program that not only nurtures startups but also aligns with their strategic goals. It provides them with comprehensive oversight and control, reflecting well on their commitment to fostering innovation.

How does it work?

  • We first work hand in hand with our Client to co-design a comprehensive entrepreneurship support program. The partnership usually lasts between 7 and 12 months. 
  • Bridge for Billions, as enabler and implementer, takes care of everything, from scouting and to training entrepreneurs in collaboration with mentors and experts. With a commitment to support entrepreneurs via 1-1 mentorship and step by step business training, this model aims to provide a holistic experience. 
  • The program usually supports 30-60 businesses over the course of 4-6 months. Participants will be able to come up with a validated business plan. They benefit from 4-6 months of asynchronous training using our proprietary online platform, including 8 modules, 20 hours of one-on-one mentoring, and 8-10 synchronous training sessions. Also, they’ll get insights from a community of peers, a final Demo Day and expert sessions. 
  • The impact of this program is measured and evaluated up to 2 years in terms of revenue generated, number of jobs created and survival rate, ensuring a lasting effect.


The Training of Trainers (ToT) Model

For partners aiming for a locally customized impact and the strengthening of local actors, our ToT collaboration model is the ideal choice.

Co-designed with Clients or donors, this model involves scouting local Entrepreneurial Support Organizations (ESOs). Bridge for Billions focus on training them on how to implement an effective entrepreneurship support program alongside us. 

How does it work? 

  • A ToT is like doing many direct programs concurrently. Hence, it allows us to support a larger number of businesses (60-350) by partnering with ESOs. Each ESO involved (usually between 3 and 5) is able to support around 20 to 50 businesses.  
  • The ToT model lays its basis on partnerships with clients and donors that span over 11 months approximately, covering program design, implementation and monitoring/evaluation. Entrepreneurs are involved in the program for 4-6 months, benefiting from the online platform and the training (see direct program).

The impact

The impact here is extended beyond entrepreneurs and mentors. In fact, this model helps strengthen local ESOs in better incubation management practices. They receive training in scalable incubation management, along with a proven methodology and access to our proprietary online platform (technology). 

On the other hand, ESOs own the local knowledge, network and assets to deliver entrepreneurship programs that are perfectly customized to the context and needs of the specific entrepreneurs we decide to support. Through this win-win collaboration, we ensure more permeability and efficacy in terms of innovation.

The Ecosystem Builders Model

Our groundbreaking Ecosystem Builders model seamlessly integrates the ToT approach with strategic partnerships with local stakeholders. The aim is to form a robust network to connect and fortify local entrepreneurship ecosystems.

How does it work?

Tailored for partners and donors with a broader vision, this model supports a significant number of businesses (350-2,500+) over a 3-year duration. Involving 5-25+ ESOs, the model goes beyond individual projects, aiming to strengthen the financial sustainability of local ESOs and facilitate connections between entrepreneur and ESOs with governments, financial institutions, associations, and organizations.

The program includes:

  • First, an in-depth Ecosystem Assessment, analyzing the challenges and opportunities within the entrepreneurial landscape in the targeted countries.
  • Then, a capacity-building phase through the Conecta Academy. It’s a dynamic component designed to equip ESOs with the skills and tools needed for effective support. This includes a community-building event, followed by a 3-4 month capacity-building program focusing on incubation techniques, ecosystem leadership, collaboration, public policy influence, and financial sustainability.
  • Lastly, a rigorous impact monitoring, ensuring a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial landscape.


The impact

Integral to the Ecosystem Builders model is rigorous impact monitoring and annual evaluations. It ensures not only the effectiveness of individual programs but also the continual improvement and adaptability of the overall model. 

This model is our testament to creating thriving and interconnected entrepreneurial landscapes that endure beyond the program’s timeline.

Whether you are interested in the comprehensive support of the Direct Program or the sustainable impact of Ecosystem Building, our goal is to assist you in fostering innovation and empowering local ecosystems on a global scale. If you want to learn more about these approaches, have a chat with our CEO, Pablo Santaeufemia, HERE.

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