Nurturing Entrepreneurs of the Hospitality Sector with Heineken “Emprendebares”

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Heineken sought an efficient and effective way to train these entrepreneurs while connecting them to full-time mentors and experts from the Cruzcampo Hospitality School. Together, we launched “Emprendebares”.

Sustainable solutions to ever increasing social challenges like unemployment, poverty, health or education can no longer be isolated to silo-thinking. Given the increasing complexity of these challenges, co-creation and partnerships between organizations with shared interests and unique, complementary strengths has become a necessity for really innovative solutions.

At Bridge for Billions, we have worked with over 900 entrepreneurs from over 60 countries over the last 4 years and this has enabled us to develop deep insights into the challenges and unique journey of entrepreneurs from different parts of the world as well as knowledge on  the best kind of support that ensures their success. We believe we can accelerate development in many communities through partnerships with like-minded corporations.

This was the case for our partnership with Heineken. As one of the largest breweries in the world, Heineken beer is a mainstay in hotels, restaurants, and bars around the globe, which makes them a significant player in the hospitality industry ecosystem.

To further create a lasting impact & encourage innovation in this industry, they leveraged the image of their Cruzcampo brand beer (created in Sevilla) to launch a program that was geared towards nurturing entrepreneurs from within the hospitality sector in Andalusia.

Ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of young entrepreneurs from Andalusia

Heineken sought an efficient and effective way to train these entrepreneurs while connecting them to full-time mentors and experts from the Cruzcampo Hospitality School. Together, we launched “Emprendebares”, a free program available to young people from Andalusia aged 18-29.

In building their program, Heineken needed an intuitive platform that could be used by young people with no university or professional development training – and Bridge for Billions’ step-by-step process was the perfect solution.

By learning concepts in a digestible format, students of all backgrounds were able to successfully develop their business ideas.

Bridge for Billions became the natural choice for Heineken by offering a platform that could unify the entrepreneurs’ work, streamline logistics, and help to manage 30 teams at once. In addition, they could complement what the entrepreneurs were learning via the platform with in-person sessions to provide a more dynamic and engaging experience, to keep these young entrepreneurs motivated.

Together with Heineken, we were able to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of young entrepreneurs from Andalusia, nurture innovation and provide a solution to the issues of unemployment and underemployment that have taken hold throughout the region.

Thanks to the “Emprendebares” program, 30 young entrepreneurs learned how to successfully design and plan their own hospitality project – and the 30 mentors from Heineken learned a new business methodology and refined their own skills. So positive was the experience they had with our platform that 100% of them said they would recommend our incubation program to entrepreneurs.

[Bridge for Billions] offers a product that adapts perfectly to our needs and a service that really has no alternative at this level. It has been a very nice addition to our program.

— Susana López Reichwehr, Head of Studies s of Hospitality School, Heineken Group

Like Heineken, you want to boost your impact by creating a program with a global reach? our program specialists will help you design a solution tailored to your needs.

Phoebe Smith

Phoebe Smith

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