Get to Know Matthew Lucero: Forest Enterprise Incubation Program Participant

Are you an entrepreneur seeking to make a positive impact in the forestry industry? Look no further than the Forest Enterprise Incubation Program, where innovation, mentorship, and sustainable practices converge. In this article, we have the privilege of sharing the inspiring journey of Matthew Lucero, founder of The Lucero Company (L.Co), who has experienced firsthand the transformative power of the program.

The story of L.Co began with a vision to fill a gap in the market with safe, sustainable, and ethical wood care products. Recognizing the demand for such offerings, Matthew and his team ventured into uncharted territory, driven by a deep commitment to environmental and social responsibility. What started as a pursuit to meet a specific need evolved into a broader mission to create a lasting impact on the industry.

“The platform is robust, and allows entrepreneurs the chance to really dive deep into their businesses, to help expand their businesses and give them access to tools to make their businesses more efficient,” Matthew highlights, emphasizing the comprehensive support offered by the Forest Enterprise Incubation Program.

The Forest Enterprise Incubation Program entered Matthew’s radar through a recommendation from a trusted friend at Green Invest Asia. Eager to explore opportunities for growth and development, he wasted no time and decided to take the plunge, opening doors to a world of possibilities.

So, why did Matthew choose to participate in the program? As an established business with years of experience, he saw immense value in working with a mentor to fine-tune a mature business strategy. This opportunity to collaborate with industry experts and gain invaluable guidance was a catalyst for unlocking new avenues of growth and innovation.

When asked about the most enjoyable aspect of the program, Matthew expressed his enthusiasm for mentorship. The one-on-one guidance provided him with a unique perspective and the opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional, Michelle Ngoc Nguyen. With a shared commitment to sustainability, Matthew found a mentor who resonated with his business ethos, creating a dynamic partnership that propelled L.Co to new heights.

Reflecting on his experience thus far, Matthew identifies the robustness of the program’s platform as a standout feature. The comprehensive nature of the program enables entrepreneurs to delve deep into their businesses, uncover expansion opportunities, and access tools that enhance operational efficiency. The Forest Enterprise Incubation Program empowers participants to build resilient and impactful ventures.

When asked about what he would say to other forestry businesses or projects considering joining the next cohort, Matthew emphatically states, “Absolutely, I would recommend it! The Forest Enterprise Incubation Program provides an invaluable opportunity to gain insights, guidance, and support tailored specifically to the forestry industry. It’s a transformative experience that can propel your business towards greater success and impact.”

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