Global consumers trends: brand perception insights

Explore key data shedding light on how global consumers perceive brands and the actions they expect them to take in 2024.
Global consumers

We pulled some data from the recent Amazon Ads report, to shed more light on how global consumer trends are shaping brands’ actions. Because this is no secret anymore. In today’s interconnected world, global consumers are not just looking for products. They’re seeking brands addressing their perceptions, aligning with their values and actively contributing to social and environmental causes.

Let’s delve into the key insights: this might be useful to identify trends and have an overview on the actions they expect them to take.

Supporting Causes: A Priority for Consumers

An in-depth knowledge of your target’s main values may be the best strategy.

A staggering 71% of global consumers express a preference for brands that contribute to causes they care about deeply, better if through. This inclination reflects a growing trend where consumers seek to align their purchasing decisions with their values, making ethical and socially responsible brands more attractive than ever.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

An overwhelming 73% of global consumers believe it’s crucial for the brands they support to actively promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). This finding underscores the increasing importance consumers place on issues of representation, equality, and social justice. Brands that champion DEI initiatives are likely to resonate more deeply with their target audience.

Credibility of Sustainability and DEI

Despite the growing emphasis on sustainability and DEI, it is interesting to see how only 58% of global consumers trust the credibility of messaging from brands in these areas. This statistic highlights the importance of authenticity and transparency in brand communication. Consumers are becoming more discerning, demanding genuine commitments and tangible actions from the brands they engage with.

And another global consumers trend: a significant 52% of consumers believe that brands should demonstrate their commitment to DEI through broader actions and support beyond their core offerings. This sentiment emphasizes the need for brands to go beyond token gestures and integrate DEI principles into their entire organizational culture and operations.

Key Causes Driving Consumer Engagement

Healthcare access emerges as the top cause for consumers globally, followed closely by health and wellness, economic uncertainty, environmentalism, and poverty.

Among DEI areas, gender equality and racial equity rank highest in importance for global consumers, followed by income equality and education.

Brands that address these pressing issues not only contribute to societal well-being but also enhance their appeal to socially conscious consumers.

Finally, among possible environmental concerns – one of the biggest trends at the moment – we identified climate change, plastic waste, water pollution as paramount for global consumers. Brands that take meaningful steps to address these concerns demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and resonate with environmentally conscious consumers.

As consumers continue to wield their purchasing power for social and environmental change, more and more brands must rise to the occasion, driving meaningful progress for a better world. 2024 is the perfect year to embark on an innovative journey of positioning and impact making: at Bridge for Billions we call it The new CSR Era.


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