How Entrepreneurship Supports the Sustainable Development Goals

Real action is needed. Learn which Sustainable Development Goals can be addressed through entrepreneurship according to Bridge for Billions.

At Bridge for Billions we firmly believe in the transformative power of entrepreneurship support in addressing some of the most pressing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Why? Because we exist to enable more early-stage entrepreneurs of all kinds to thrive, generating jobs and solutions for everyone. That’s how we make sure our economies sustainably meet the needs of all. In the past years, we’ve created tangible impact all around the world, by equipping individuals with the tools and skills they needed to implement real change.

Our mission and results closely aligns with many of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Here’s just five of them:

Quality Education

The Bridge for Billions approach allows a rapid deployment of assets through online technology. At this point we are proud to say that we have developed more than 264 programs, enabling more than 4,000 entrepreneurs in 132 countries.

We are dedicated to ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for all. Rooted in the MIT Disciplined Entrepreneurship methodology, our programs are designed to equip entrepreneurs with the essential resources for success through 8 modules delivered within our online platform

Our program modules go beyond theory. They offer practical, hands-on guidance through mentorship, specialized training, and seamless access to a global network of industry experts. This approach is specifically crafted to empower entrepreneurs to thrive in the competitive business world. Upon completing our programs, entrepreneurs emerge equipped to define the value of their offerings. They identify competitors and key partners, structure their marketing and pricing strategies. Also, they demonstrate the impact of their businesses, set goals, and monitor their progress. In addition, they join a vast network of like-minded business owners, fostering collaboration and support.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

We are proud that our 3,000 alumni have created 8,480 paid jobs in 138 countries and generated $28 Million USD in yearly revenue for their economies.

We guide early-stage entrepreneurs in the formalization and growth of their micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises. Social enterprises actively foster decent work and economic growth through initiatives such as: workforce development, training, and job creation in marginalized communities. Entrepreneurship programs at Bridge for Billions are designed to encourage the creation of decent jobs, entrepreneurship, and the cultivation of creativity and innovation

No Poverty and Reduced Inequalities

Bridge for Billions data reveals that entrepreneurs who face setbacks in the entrepreneurship ecosystem have flourished after our programs. They doubled their jobs and their revenue and the funds they raised multiplied by 6.5.

Our commitment is to reduce poverty in all its forms by ensuring that all individuals, particularly the most vulnerable ones, have equal rights to economic resources. By providing entrepreneurship support, we empower aspiring entrepreneurs to develop and launch their ventures. Therefore, they’ll be creating new opportunities for economic growth and financial stability. 

Of the 4,569 founders Bridge has supported:

  • 52% of the supported founders are female.
  • 58% never had access to entrepreneurship support.
  • 38% of the supported founders come from countries with a low or medium HDI.
  • 47% of the founders have a yearly income below $10K USD. 

We are dedicated to reducing inequalities within and among countries because we know talent is everywhere, but opportunities are not. By empowering and promoting social, economic, and political inclusion for all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, or economic status, we align our mission with this global objective. 

We aim to level the playing field and offer equal opportunities for all aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed

Partnerships for the Goals 

UNIDO, UNEP, The European Commission, Coca-Cola, Chanel, VISA, and Heineken are some of the international actors that have collaborated with us. Moreover, we’re recognized by organizations such as Ashoka, UN Global Compact (la Red Española), Acumen, ChangemakerXchange, and Forbes 30 under 30. 

Global challenges require global collaboration. Our mission of democratizing access to entrepreneurship support worldwide can only be achieved through collaboration among governments, civil society, businesses, and international organizations. We don’t consider ourselves as an implementing partner but as an enabling one. 

We partner with other actors because we are enablers of change, we’re able to cooperate at the same level and aim at the same objectives – the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our history has been marked by important partnerships that have been part of what we are today. More than 100 organizations have trusted us. 

Our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals is not just professional. It’s a part of our core identity. Talk to us to forge new synergies that can shape real and meaningful change.

Pablo Santaeufemia

“Together we can learn from each other, share what we know, and bring our expertise. And then suddenly start working towards the same mission. As a group, as an ecosystem, as a community” –  
Pablo Santaeufemia, CEO and Founder of Bridge for Billions. 

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