MasterClass: How to Launch a Product with Antonio Fernández Olombrada

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In this MasterClass, Antonio Fernández Olombrada, expert in design, strategy and entrepreneurship and CEO of Blash Design Studio advises us on the mistakes we make when we launch a product to market, and, most importantly, how we can learn from them. Enjoy!

How to Learn from your Failures

Antonio highlights the importance of learning from past mistakes when launching a product:

‘we often talk about success stories but we rarely talk about when we fail, and really that’s where we learn the most.’

To explore this idea on a deeper level he uses the example of Kona Backpacks, a project from his studio Blash Design. This venture was born as a side project, so the idea was to work as freely as possible to see what it could achieve.

And, in terms of innovation, it’s clear the project really pushed the boundaries. From using VR technology as part of the design process to the fact that the project was carried out completely remotely (many of the team members have never even met before) and, of course, its focus on sustainability, we have been blown away by the creative thinking behind the product.  

Still, despite these efforts, as Antonio mentions, the project failed to meet its minimum fundraising target on Kickstarter. That’s when the real learning process began. 

2 Key Learnings 

  • Pressure of deadlines – Antonio names this as a key tool for productivity and getting the product to market
  • ‘Better done than perfect’ – he also explains that to aim for perfection is unrealistic. Yes, we want to improve the product as much as possible but in terms of testing and getting the product out there, sometimes we shouldn’t strive for absolute perfection

3 steps to Launch a Product

Lucky for us, Antonio shares his top tips for launching a product to market in the second part of his MasterClass. Simple yet effective, you don’t want to miss these tips if you’re looking to launch a product. Here’s our top 3: 

  1. Detect a problem – Find a problem as solve it, sounds easy enough right? But the main value here comes from the deep understanding of the problem and how the solution will impact the users life in a significant and positive way. 
  2. Define your audience – and get to know them. Understand how they communicate and how you want to communicate with them. Keep it niche, less is more. 
  3.  Get on the same page– this means all team members should be in line with the objectives. These goals and visions need to be brainstormed and defined. You can’t talk two different talks within one team.

We’d love to share ALL of Antonio’s tips and tricks with you, but we’ll let him explain in his MasterClass above, and of course, be sure to follow him on social to check out everything he’s been up to @aferolombrada 

And, if you want to get your own business journey underway, be sure to check out The Leap, our online incubation program. So, what are you waiting for? 

Phoebe Smith

Phoebe Smith

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