More people are studying to become entrepreneurs and here’s why. With Spanish Startup BASK

To celebrate the International Day of Education, we caught up with Bridge and LEINN MTA startup BASK to find out what it's like to study entrepreneurship and why more people than ever are choosing to do so.

“I believe that for the first time in history, entrepreneurship is a viable career.”

You might recognize the phrase above by Erik Ries. As one of the most well-known bloggers, authors and entrepreneurs of our time, he’s a big advocate for the study of entrepreneurship.

In fact, it’s a topic that has never been so relevant. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our world faces an opportunity crisis, a situation that’s been especially tough for students wondering how they’ll be able to enter the job market after graduation.

But there is another way of looking at it. Although, it’s true that opportunities have been greatly reduced in terms of traditional career paths, doors have opened for students to become job creators instead of job seekers, to develop their skills as entrepreneurs prepared to solve the challenges our world faces.

It is for this reason that an increasing number of prospective students of all ages are looking into studying entrepreneurship courses and, students already enrolled in business related courses are beginning to demand access to entrepreneurial training.

As said by the World Economic Forum, “entrepreneurial ventures are essential for prosperity and social progress. Entrepreneurs create value by seizing opportunities, assuming risks, solving problems and taking action. They take risks in creating and commercialising innovative technologies in ways that larger businesses are unable to.” In other words, the need for entrepreneurs is greater now more than ever.

Amongst the students embarking on their entrepreneurship journey are the Bask team. As a  driven team of three, they’re taking on the sustainable fashion industry.

With a loyal following of over 16k on Instagram and a recent collaboration with Heura, a leading startup in the meat alternative industry, these young entrepreneurs are certainly getting noticed and, more importantly, have become a go to example of positive social change in the sustainable fashion sector.

We first met the team in 2019, through our program with Mondragón Team Academy, a university that has always been top of mind in terms of entrepreneurship support for students.

The team studied at MTA as part of the LEINN (Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation) program, where, during the final year, students have the chance to validate and work on the fundamentals of their ventures using the Bridge methodology.

It was an experience which the Bask team say allowed them to shape their business model and meet the mentors who continue to guide them up till today. Click here to read more about our innovation programs with universities.

We caught up with two of the Bask founders the Maddi Bercianos and Jon Kareaga to ask a few questions about their venture and what it’s like to study entrepreneurship.

What is Bask?

We are a sustainable fashion brand. Why fashion? Because it’s one of the most contaminating industry in the world, but it’s also an industry that generates community and conscience.

We seek to educate and raise awareness through data, images and high quality videos. We are committed to the values of sustainability, and push ourselves everyday to be more respectful with people and the planet.

Our brand goes far beyond clothing. The products we make and the people who make them are treated with respect and at the same time, they respect the environment around them. We’re dedicated to using practices that regenerate everything that has destroyed the fashion industry, minimizing our impact on the environment while collaborating and providing a positive impact the communities where we work.

Why did you choose to study entrepreneurship?

At first, I chose to study entrepreneurship on a whim. I believe that choosing what to study is difficult for anyone, especially at the age of 17.

I had many ambitions to generate changes in the world but my first choice was to study engineering… I was very lost. But then I began to understand that there was so much I could do by studying entrepreneurship. In that moment I saw that I wanted to become an entrepreneur, to generate projects that were in line with my values and passions.

What are the benefits of studying a course in entrepreneurship over a more traditional course?

The greatest benefit is that it allows you to discover everything for yourself. It allows you to learn from others and from your own experiences, knowing that a theoretical part is always necessary.

Why is it important that universities implement entrepreneurship programs?

I wish entrepreneurship courses were provided by more universities thought about more as a career path. It goes beyond creating a company, it’s about bringing your skills to the game to generate change in your environment.

I believe having entrepreneurship skills is a part of becoming a true professional and these trainings should be available to students so that they can discover what it’s all about.

Do you think students are the entrepreneurs and change makers of the future?

Without a doubt, students will be the ones to now generate the necessary changes for the future. We’re the ones who will live the consequences for ourselves, something which we’re fully aware of.

Join Us.

If you didn’t know, we’re on a mission to democratize access to entrepreneurship education. We support early-stage entrepreneurs in developing the businesses our society needs through our 3 month, online program, The Leap.

If, like the founders of BASK, you want to develop your project with us and join the purpose-driven movement, click here.

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