Our Advice: Generating Impact in Challenging Times

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Calling all entrepreneurs. We understand that due to the Covid-19 virus, many of us are facing uncertain times. We wanted to play our part in providing support by sharing some advice from our community and introducing our brand new 'Solutions for Humanity' program.

You’re Not Alone

Does it feel like recent events have emerged out of no where? Us too. Sometimes no matter how hard we try to protect our businesses  from circumstances such as the outbreak of COVID-19, it is impossible to fully prepare.

The good news is you’re not alone. Around the globe thousands of entrepreneurs are being hit by the same difficult situation. So, we thought we’d show our support to the entrepreneur community by sharing some words of motivation and advice. Here is a message from our amazing COO Julie.  Click play below to listen:

Harnessing Positivity – Some advice from Julie

Here’s a summary of Julie’s tips to help you get through the challenging time: 

  1. Keep it social – organise video lunch dates, online board games. At Bridge we have opened a virtual office online in the form of a video call, so we can all connect at any time. 
  2.  Take care of yourself – websites like Recipes for Wellbeing can be really useful
  3. Consider crisis as opportunity–  take this time to reflect on your life and to think about the next step. And, if you decide this is to open up a business, just know you have a whole community behind you to help you do that.

An Idea – Solutions for Humanity

Speaking of positivity, we decided to take our own advice and create opportunity by generating more social impact as a response to COVID-19.  We’ve created a new version of our online incubation program: ‘The Leap – Solutions For Humanity’.

We are looking for 20 entrepreneurs with solutions to combat COVID-19, directly or indirectly, and mentors to guide them. These solutions don’t have to be related to the healthcare sector.  They could be a home entertainment solution for those stuck inside, or,  a way to help elderly people feeling particularly isolated by the situation. The goal is to reach out and generate positive and innovative solutions to help deal with the crisis. 

Our Favourite Content

If you want to learn…

Entrepreneurship  – Bridge for Billions launches its online incubation program totally free for 20 entrepreneurs who are working on solutions for the COVID-19 (health, entertainment, food, etc). http://bit.ly/38XY2YA

To recruit IT talent – Digital Recruiting have launched a 50% discount on their course to learn how to recruit IT talent. http://bit.ly/2QqR87G

To the bomb at digital marketing- Corona Marketing Festival is born from the hand of digital marketing professionals so that you can continue learning everything your project needs while the virus is gone. http://bit.ly/2xMJoX3

Creative Photography – You have this 75% discount course at Domestika by Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda. http://bit.ly/2QowchK

If you want to have some fun…

Connect on Instagram to one of the live poetry recitals of +20 international artists at @yomequedoencasarecital. http://bit.ly/3a1rIFf

Watch that historic football game again and disconnect for a while at Footballia. http://bit.ly/2QqNQBk

See how to make a recipe that surprises your whole family with the best chefs in Spain at @yomequedoencasacinando.

Sit on the couch at home and download the books you want for free thanks to Keep Reading at Home. http://bit.ly/391e2sT

Do you think you’ve got a business solution to help combat COVID-19? Or, maybe you’re a mentor who can share your experience? Click the button below to find our more. 

Phoebe Smith

Phoebe Smith

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