Podcast: Empathy, Resilience and Building Authentic Connections post Covid-19

In this Episode

Welcome to Innovate with Purpose, the Bridge for Billions podcast. In this episode guest speaker Anurag Maloo, Head of Partnerships (Asia) at Seedstars, talks to us about the importance of empathy and building authentic connections as part of the new normal we will all experience post Covid-19.

He also takes us through emotional resilience, what it means to him and how we can all work at developing it. If you want to learn more about emotional intelligence and the increasingly important role it plays in our personal and professional lives, be sure to listen.

Meet our speaker

Anurag Maloo is currently the Head of Partnerships (Asia) at Seedstars, building key partnerships to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship. He is an entrepreneur, community builder, innovation and well-being coach and an ecosystem architect. Featured as #ProfessionalsOfLinkedIn, Anurag is big on nurturing authentic and deep human connections through empathy and compassion. 

As a multicultural professional experienced in developing and operationalising innovation strategies in the non-profit, public and private sector, and in international development across India, Anurag brings a depth of leadership experience in creating inclusive startup communities and vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystems across Asia-Pacific. He is on a mission to continue democratizing access to entrepreneurship and to foster job creation through collaborations – especially in the regions where it’s most needed like emerging economies and frontier markets around the world. He practices #GiveFirst mantra in life and is incredibly passionate about the “why, our work is not a job, but it’s a mission”, and has been involved in various sustainability and impact collectives, community empowerment initiatives and leadership development programs. 

Previously, he has worked with Techstars, the global platform for investment and innovation, as Regional Manager for Asia-Pacific for almost 6 years, to develop regional entrepreneurship ecosystems in India and APAC. He has been instrumental in launching Techstars India, and was the Happiness Director for the first cohort of Techstars Bangalore Accelerator. He is also the Curator for Emerging Economies Startup Digest, and as a Global Facilitator, Community Leader & Mentor for Startup Weekend. You can connect with him at @anuragmaloo on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn

Fun fact: He loves travelling, and before the world came to stillness, he has done impact journeys to over 58 countries across 6 continents. So far his journeys have taken him from far South in Antarctica to far North to the Mount Everest Basecamp and in between to various conflict regions around Asia! 

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