Building Sustainable Ecosystems: Bridge for Billions’ Conecta Program

At Bridge for Billions, our mission is to democratize entrepreneurship through incubation programs that support entrepreneurs from the very beginning. The Conecta Program is fundamental to our vision, as it seeks to strengthen entrepreneurship ecosystems through the creation of a collaborative network of Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (ESOs).

Welcome to our series of articles about the innovative programs of Bridge for Billions. Throughout this series, we will explore in detail how our programs are transforming the global entrepreneurship landscape, empowering early-stage entrepreneurs and strengthening support ecosystems. Each article will focus on one of our three main types of programs: Direct Programs, ToT (Train of Trainers) Programs, and the Conecta Program. This article is the third in our series. If you want to learn more about our other programs, you can read about Direct Programs and ToT Programs.

The Conecta Program of Bridge for Billions seeks to strengthen entrepreneurship ecosystems. It does this by creating a collaborative community of Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (ESOs). This program aims to generate a deep and lasting impact on local and regional economies.

Building community

The Conecta Program focuses on creating a robust community of ESOs. It trains their staff and develops their capabilities to implement multiple incubation programs. This community works together, sharing best practices and resources, and collaborating on fundraising.

Training and development

Through Conecta Academy, we provide advanced training in incubation methodologies, sustainability, leadership, and public influence. This comprehensive approach ensures that ESOs are equipped with the necessary tools to support entrepreneurs effectively and sustainably.

Regional impact

In 2022, we launched the Conecta Central America Program in partnership with the IDB Lab. We significantly impacted more than 25 ESOs in five countries. Additionally, the Conecta Migrants & Refugees Program, developed with funding from the JP Morgan Foundation, has supported migrant entrepreneurship in Spain, Italy, and South Africa. It benefited over 1,000 migrant entrepreneurs in three years.

Transformative results

The results of the Conecta Program are impressive. 67% of the ESOs reported an increase in diversity. Additionally, 100% improved their collaboration skills, and 89% enhanced their digital competencies. Furthermore, 70% of ESO leaders feel better prepared for leadership roles, and 78% have observed more effective business progress monitoring.

Impact stories: Daniel Billingslea

Daniel Billingslea, leader of Conecta Central America, works tirelessly to foster social change through innovation and entrepreneurship. In our Bridge Talk, Daniel shares his experience at the City of Knowledge Foundation. There, he transforms old military bases into an innovative and technological community.

Daniel emphasizes the importance of supporting entrepreneurs from the earliest stages. His work at City of Knowledge, in collaboration with Bridge for Billions, provides essential tools to overcome economic and educational barriers. Listen to more about his inspiring story and vision in the full episode.


In summary, the Conecta Program of Bridge for Billions demonstrates how collaboration and capacity building can create systemic change in entrepreneurship ecosystems. By joining forces with local ESOs and providing them with the necessary support, we are building a more inclusive and sustainable future for entrepreneurs worldwide.

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