Solar power success: Gina Ramos’ entrepreneurial journey in the Philippines

Gina Ramos

Today, let’s meet Gina, a woman from the Philippines using solar power for success. This is just one of the thousands stories we learn about daily, thanks to our wonderful entrepreneurs. Stories of brave women and men, diving into the crazy journey of entrepreneurship, just because they believe in the power of innovation and solutions.

Gina joined one of the incubation program powered by VISA and Bridge for Billions in this region, during 2023.

When Gina Ramos started Takiyo Japan Solar Lights in 2019, she was fueled by more than just an entrepreneurial spirit—she was driven by a passion for the planet.

In a cozy chat with our team, Gina opened up about her journey and shared some golden nuggets on building a business that’s not only profitable but also kind to earth.

The Spark Behind It

This story began with a simple yet powerful mission: to revolutionize lighting with eco-friendly solutions, particularly since in several areas of the Philippines many still live without reliable electricity. Gina’s eyes light up when she talks about her motivation. It’s clear that for her, Topline is more than a business—it’s a calling to combat environmental issues.

Connecting with Hearts, Not Just Wallets

Gina believes the secret sauce to the business growth has been genuine relationships. “It’s not just about making a sale,” she says, emphasizing how they focus on connecting deeply with their clients.

This approach has turned happy customers into vocal advocates, significantly widening their reach. She also touched on the unique challenges of catering to both B2B and B2C markets, from managing bulky inventories to navigating competitive pricing pressures.

Navigating Changes and Challenges

Adapting to the e-commerce model during the pandemic was a game changer for Takiyo Japan Solar Lights. Gina decided to move online, and this helped them stay connected with their customers and even expand their market during tough times. She’s a firm believer in being flexible and responsive to the changing needs of the business landscape.

The Transformative Power of Incubation Programs

She lights up when talking about how much the business has benefited from incubation programs. These programs provided them with crucial resources like mentorship and networking opportunities, which were instrumental in refining their product line and scaling their operations.

Heartfelt Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For those dreaming of starting their own business, Gina has a trove of advice. She stresses the importance of understanding local cultures and building trust, especially in places like the Philippines where business relationships are deeply personal. “Dive deep into the community you’re serving,” she suggests, “and always, always lead with integrity.

She also encourages new entrepreneurs to soak up as much knowledge as possible from incubation programs and to never shy away from tweaking their business models based on real-world feedback. “Keep your vision clear, stay passionate, and never stop pushing the envelope,” she adds with a smile.


This #StoryOfBillions wants to highlight how sometimes, true success comes from serving others and protecting the planet we all share.  

At Bridge for Billions we truly want to help entrepreneurs of all kinds thrive, so they can generate new jobs and solutions for the sake of their own communities. In 2023, our work focused particularly on supporting climate solutions, powered by partners like UNEP – with whom we implemented programs throughout Africa and Asia.

You can learn more by downloading the case study here.

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