Podcast: Re-imagining the Future of Technology post Covid-19

In this week's podcast episode, we're exploring the role technology has played in solving the challenges presented by Covid-19 with tech expert Isabelle Huynh, Founder of La Clavette and Insitut Transitions.

In this Episode

What does the future of tech look like? In this week’s podcast episode, we’re exploring the role technology has played in solving the challenges presented by Covid-19 and what the future of tech should look like.
To do this, we’ve caught up with  tech expert Isabelle Huynh, Founder of La Clavette and Insitut Transitions to share her insights on use of technology during the Covid-19 crisis, tech for positive effect and the benefits of low-tech.

Meet our Speaker

Isabelle believes in tech for good. She is a mechanical engineer and social entrepreneur who has travelled the world to find ways to use tech for positive effect. As Founder of La Clavette and Institut Transitions, she is an expert in sustainable technology, low-tech and also professional development for building a more collaborative and sustainable society. 

La Clavette aims to promote Positive Engineering. A vision of engineering based on the three pillars: Humanist innovation, Sustainable design and Co-creation. As a purpose-driven organization it encourages positive engineering through exploring inspiring initiatives, connecting the actors of the tech for good community and raising awareness on those topics. The objective is to help companies and engineering school to reinvent themselves.

Institut Transitions in Lyon, France, has a powerful mission to train, support and equip those who wish to evolve in their professional life to put their skills at the service of the ecological and united transition. Faced with the immense ecological and solidarity challenges of our time, more and more of us are becoming aware that we must commit ourselves in our professional lives to (re)give meaning to our skills. It was born in September 2019 out of the shared observation that more and more people want to get involved in their professional lives and actively participate in this area. A team has been formed, bringing together committed associations, ethical companies, public institutions, teachers and researchers with a common desire: to offer support and training adapted to allow each person to evolve and progress.

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