Top 10 Purpose-driven Innovation and business trends 2021

In a society where change, uncertainty and crisis have become commonplace, we must look to our purpose to drive us forward. Purpose-driven innovation is now the key to unlocking a new, fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable society post Covid-19. Download our 10 purpose-driven Innovation trends PDF below to learn which industries and companies are already one step ahead.

Purpose-drive Business

Businesses are turning to their purpose to ensure not only their survival but growth post-Covid 19. Finding ways to do good not only for themselves but for society as a whole. 

The days of the widespread environmental and social compromise  are under close scrutiny. But within this changing landscape, we have identified businesses and industries that have already taken a leap, the pioneers of purpose-driven innovation. 

1.Online Education and Training

Access to an inclusive education system is one of the most important necessities for the evolution of a society, both at an individual and collective level. In an increasingly global and interconnected world, it doesn’t make sense that different educational institutions don’t look for solutions to fit this new society.

Statistics reflect this with searches for “online classes” on Google increasing by 204% and the use of Zoom for educational purposes rising by 380%. Innovators include Santillana who have launched a variety of teaching resources and Avasarshala, a platform which helps parents identify and nurture the talents in their kids by connecting parents and children to a variety of local, global and online events.

2. Solidarity and inclusivity business approach

Entrepreneurs are starting to notice the gap between their direct impact and the broader scale society impact and opting to consider both. Focusing on meaningful problems of their direct communities of consumers, employees and stakeholders. 

According to a survey by United Nations, 94% of leading corporations around the world feel responsibility to position the purpose of their company within society. Companies such as Bizgees stand out in this field. They have created a project focused on helping refugees become entrepreneurs and develop their own initiatives.

To see our full list of top 10 purpose-driven innovation trends, complete with statistics and leading companies, click the button below.

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