What is Bridge for Billions?

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We’re more than just another online incubator…

The short of it is: we’re an online incubation program that helps early-stage entrepreneurs from around the world develop their projects.

But we’re so much more than just an incubator! We offer a program based on three pillars: a top-notch methodology, the support of a personal mentor, and an international community of entrepreneurs with whom to share experiences. In fact, we’ve helped validate more projects than traditional incubators! So if you’re looking to develop your business idea in a meaningful way, you’ve come to the right place.

We believe that entrepreneurship is the most effective tool for solving some of the biggest issues we face, both globally and locally. That’s why we created Bridge for Billions: to guide and impulse those who want to change and improve the world. We strive to make entrepreneurship accessible to all who are motivated and passionate about business. We want to ensure that lack of opportunity or access to a traditional business program are no longer viewed as roadblocks to success.

For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur, small business owner, innovator – or maybe you don’t go by any of those titles. The bottom line is Bridge for Billions is for you if:

  • You have a developed idea but don’t have time to waste and want to ensure you’re on the right path;

  • You’ve started working on your project but are struggling to structure everything and need clarity to define the next steps;

  • You’re a first-time entrepreneur and want access to resources and experts to guide you.

We host a new cohort every month! And while we accept applicants from within any industry, we sometimes host industry-specific incubation programs, so you can have the chance to learn from and collaborate with other innovators in your space.

The best part? Our 90-day incubation program, The Leap, is 100% online, so you can have access to your tools and resources from anywhere, at any time.

If you’re ready to take The Leap or just learn more, click here

For Mentors

But neither we nor our entrepreneurs can achieve success alone; we rely on a network of trusted and experienced mentors to help guide everyone that comes through our program to take their ideas and turn them into a fully formed business.

Our mentors provide a fresh and unbiased viewpoint which has proved to be invaluable to budding entrepreneurs. They serve as guides, coaches and offer up a vast pool of knowledge and resources – which is why we value them so much!

We’re always eager to develop relationships with existing and aspiring mentors, so if you have professional experience or insight into the business world and are interested in helping develop some of the most innovative startup projects from across the globe, please click here to get involved.

For Businesses & Organizations

We also work closely with corporates, foundations, universities, and governments from around the world to design the right program for their needs. We help them define challenges and provide the tools necessary to connect them to innovators inside and outside of their organizations. We work together to nurture ideas and collaborations that have a positive social impact while boosting brand awareness!

Our platform has been used by organizations such as Ashoka, Coca-Cola, Brown University, United Nations Industrial Development Organization and more, to develop programs that support employees, students and the international community at large.

To learn more about how your organization and community can benefit from partnering with Bridge for Billions, click here.

And if you’re still wondering just why you should come on board with us: last year alone we helped 325 entrepreneurs develop their idea into a fully-formed business plan, and we worked with 23 corporate, non-profit and educational organizations to help them tap into the hidden talent within their communities! For four years, we’ve been living up to our belief that innovation cannot happen without collaboration and our plan is to continue helping innovators like you develop the business ideas of the future.

Phoebe Smith

Phoebe Smith

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