The world has some silent heroes working to promote positive impact. Learn from organizations, CSR and Innovation experts or foundations that are currently working on social impact and entrepreneurship support, with the aim of improving the ecosystems we live in.

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Bridge Talk cover with Pablo and Monika

It takes a holistic approach to promote ecosystem change

Empowering early-stage entrepreneurs is a complex but rewarding work. Meet Monika from the Argidius Foundations, who shows how a holistic approach that includes long-term commitment, ecosystem focus, and organizational development is the key to create meaningful and sustainable jobs to lift people out of poverty in emerging markets.

Why supporting entrepreneurs is key for America’s future

Entrepreneurship is on the rise right now. Non-profit entities like Venture for America can do a lot to support entrepreneurs, turning them into the future businesses of the country. Learn more about its approach and its impact.

Connecting business growth to social impact

Doing good while doing business is possible. Faith Frank is the Head of ESG and Social Impact at Payoneer and shares how the most successful social impact programs can perfectly align with the business growth and strategy.

Adam Engle. Fund for Equitable Business Growth

Is Chicago inclusive for entrepreneurs?

Welcome to the very first Bridge Talk, hosted by Andy Carron – our Business Director here at Bridge for Billions. Today, we have the privilege of meeting Adam Engle, Director of the Fund for Equitable Business Growth in Chicago, working on the front lines to tackle Chicago’s entrepreneurial ecosystem main challenges.

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