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Boost economic growth and job creation

Strengthen local ecosystems

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Bet on innovation to develop solutions to the problems that truly matter

Economic Development Programs

Boost economic growth

Generate decent job and growth opportunities in your specific location of interest through entrepreneurship and tackle the current crisis of opportunities. 

Ecosystem Builders Programs

Strengthen local ecosystems

Build a program to increase the capacity and reach of local incubators so that entrepreneurship support can be accessible for all. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs

Promote access to opportunities for all

Create a program where everyone regardless of race, gender, age, socioeconomic status and location can generate growth opportunities for themselves and those around them.

Innovation Promotion Programs

Bet on innovation to develop solutions to the problems that truly matter

Create a program to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs develop solutions to the most pressing issues of their regions.

The United Nations Environment Programme launched an entrepreneurship program to support the development of new green businesses working in forest restoration.

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Investment Connection Program

CENPROMYPE, ASEGUA, Bridge for Billions, and CAPCA have joined forces to increase investment literacy, raise awareness of financing opportunities and provide ongoing structured support for entrepreneurs in the acceleration stage.

ARUSEA Incubation Program

The Incubation Program of the Alliance for Urban Resilience in Southeast Asia (ARUSEA) seeks to empower social entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia with projects aimed at improving the living conditions of their communities by mitigating the negative effects of natural disasters in their region.

IDEA App Program

As part of their economic development efforts, UNIDO launched a series of over 10 entrepreneurship programs in 15 different countries to support over 1000 entrepreneurs. The IDEA App program is one of the most ambitious entrepreneurship initiatives around the globe and will guide founders in developing innovative solutions in priority value chains ...

SOFIA Romania

Social Finance Alliance for Romania (SoFiA) is an integrated program seeking to act as a catalyser for the development of the social finance ecosystem in Romania. In this program, social enterprises received incubation and investment readiness training with guidance from international and national mentors.

The Restoration Factory

An entrepreneurship program to achieve the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration goals by supporting entrepreneurs in the development of new purpose-driven forest businesses that ensure that restoration happens in a systematic way, born from an innovative way to do business, with the welfare of the ecosystem in mind.


This program is part of the Biniyog Briddhi: Social Impact Enterprises of Bangladesh. It offers a capacity-building program for incubators and accelerators in order to help them upgrade their offer and support many more social enterprises in Bangladesh.

IAF Incubation Program

The local government of Aragon, Spain, wanted to create a program to support rural entrepreneurs from the region in order to boost the local economy and increase employment. They sought to support entrepreneurs from towns with less than 5,000 inhabitants and offer training to those who wanted to remain in their villages. Their broader, long-term go...
“By initiating the entrepreneurship based training and mentoring program “IDEA App Senegal”, UNIDO and Bridge for Billions have laid the groundwork for an initiative which combines different vehicles for the integration of young people in society through entrepreneurship and employability, with a focus on refining the necessary pedagogy for entrepreneurship itself.
It remains evident that the entrepreneurship training that UNIDO and Bridge for Billions bring through the IDEA App Senegal program, adds value by boosting local economies and young people’s access to viable and sustainable business creation to power industrial growth on a national scale.”
Ibrahima Khalil Ndiaye
UNIDO expert

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