Talent is everywhere, opportunities… are not

Ensure your initiatives are committed to Diversity Equity and Inclusion and unlock growth opportunities for entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Our ecosystem lacks diversity

The reality is that nowadays senior entrepreneurs and founders from rural areas have big trouble accessing capital, only 3% of global capital went to all female teams and only 38 black entrepreneurs received VC funding over the last decade in the UK. 

There are many more statistics like this when we review access to training, mentoring, tools and any other kind of resource. Entrepreneurs have a tendency to create solutions to the problems that they feel close to. Hence if only one type of entrepreneur is getting the support and resources, only one type of innovation will reach the market. Those that benefit a few. 

By opening the entrepreneurship ecosystem to entrepreneurs from all types of backgrounds we will ensure that innovation and opportunities are no longer a privilege. 

An entrepreneurship program for the common good

Create a program to tackle any type of discrimination through innovation and provide access to entrepreneurs regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic status, language, (dis)ability, age or religious commitment.
Tailor the program to provide the resources and support needed to the specific group of entrepreneurs. Ensure they have all they need to build strong and resilient businesses.
Track the entrepreneurs during and 2 years after the program to ensure that they generate growth and employment opportunities for themselves and their communities.
"I went online and I looked through the Bridge for Billions website and I just saw people from all over the world: various cultures and different generations. It is so awesome and mind-blowing to know that programs like this exist for everyone. Without these programs, a lot of people in my position wouldn’t have access to other resources and would have to start from scratch. These programs are very important, very well-structured and very wanted and needed by our communities."
Juanita Singleton
Founder of Revelations Life Sciences, LLC., a project looking to improve healthcare products for women in the US

Create your own experience

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Needs Assessment

Count on our expertise running entrepreneurship programs in 132 countries and across all sectors to understand how to reach your organization’s objectives. Let’s define the type of entrepreneur you want to support based on your organization's purpose, their needs and the ideal mentor for this type of founder.


Program Kickoff

After we align on the pillars of your entrepreneurship program, your assigned Program Manager is ready to kick-off. In collaboration with Marketing we will develop communication materials to find the entrepreneurs and mentors for your program. Once the selection process is over we’ll build the perfect teams between mentors and entrepreneurs. You can also include your employees as mentors! 


Implementation Support

We manage all aspects of the program implementation with you, from launch and scouting of participants to facilitation, incubation support and impact reporting. Our incubation platform comes equipped with the content, methodology and technology to keep the program flexible to every entrepreneur’s reality. Feel free to add specific sessions or resources in order to provide a tailor-made experience to your participants.


Closing and Evaluation

After entrepreneurs have validated and built strong businesses and meaningful relationships through their weekly one-to-one sessions and training with their mentors, we can host a demo day to celebrate the achievements and reflect on the experience with all your stakeholders. You’ll also get a complete report with the key results and learnings from the program. 

Every program we design is unique. Just like our clients

CAA Incubation Program

CAA built an inclusive entrepreneurship program to support entrepreneurs in Colombia who want to develop business ideas with technological components to support social and economic development in the country.

GIRA Mujeres

As part of their CSR Strategy, Coca-Cola developed a nationwide entrepreneurship program to support women developing businesses in the food and beverage sector in order to drive socio-economic development in rural and urban areas across Spain and Portugal.

Visa Mentorship Program

Visa Inc. designed a corporate volunteering program where employees became mentors to founders from underrepresented groups creating small and micro-businesses. The objective of the program is to promote economic development and growth in collectives who normally wouldn't have access to support and resources whilst providing an engaging mentorship ...

A Mamá le tengo Fe

This program by Fundación Monge was created in commemoration of Mother's Day to support Costa Rican mothers and encourage female entrepreneurship. In this program, women entrepreneurs were able to access resources and training in the development of their new businesses.

Social Innovation Incubator 2021

This program by United Way Metropolitan Dallas aims to address historical opportunity and resource gaps as well as systemic racial and gender inequities in the social innovation sector in North Texas. The program was specifically built to support early-stage social ventures led and staffed by women and people of color who are working to implement n...

Work for Yourself@50+

The AARP Foundation launched an entrepreneurship program to support adults over 50 from low-income backgrounds as they developed successful businesses with the objective to build a future without senior poverty.

Diverse Founders’ Initiative

The Diverse Founder’s Initiative is an entrepreneurship program launched in partnership with Salesforce, seeking to support by no cost to Entrepreneurs who lack access to opportunities because of race, ethnicity and/or income level, developing their ideas in any sector, anywhere. As a participant in this program, entrepreneurs undergo a 3-month i...

Desafío Emprendimiento Global

Fundación Universia collaborated with Bridge for Billions to create its own incubation program to support the development of business ideas created by entrepreneurs living with disabilities or entrepreneurs working to develop business ideas aimed at improving the lives of people living with disabilities.

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