What employee engagement strategy are you following?

By meeting employees’ expectations, loyalty increases by 38% and engagement by 33%.

3 Employee engagement strategies that work

Uphold your core values

Collaborating in initiatives with societal impact that uphold your values keeps your employees interested in the company's overall mission and not just on today’s work.

Carve out career paths and provide growth opportunities

94% of employees say they’d stay at their job longer if they felt the organization truly invested in their career.

Recognize top performers

Learning and development initiatives demonstrate that you value your employees as individuals.

If you continually invest in your people, rather than replace employees with candidates that have the skills you desire you’ll be able to keep talented employees and increase the level of engagement they have to your organization.

At Bridge for Billions we train your employees into becoming mentors to early-stage founders. Employees improve their hard and soft skills by supporting the entrepreneurs in building their business plans from scratch.
  • They’ll choose the project they’d prefer to contribute to and the one they feel more passionate about.

  • They’ll get trained on our top-notch methodology. They will always know what comes next: From supporting founders in their value proposition to marketing, financials and growth plan.

  • They’ll meet weekly with a creative, innovative entrepreneur to review their work. This will keep your employees motivated and creative.

  • They’ll be part of the development of innovative solutions to the most critical problems of today’s society.