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We help you take the leap if

You have a developed idea but don't have time to waste and want to ensure you are on the right path

You've started working on your project but are struggling to structure everything and need clarity to define the next steps

You're a first-time entrepreneur and want access to resources and experts to guide you

The Leap:
Our 90 day incubation program

Proven Methodology

Use our tools to validate your project step by step.

Learn More & Better

Receive additional resources and courses from the first day

Find your Mentor

The one who will personally guide you so that your project grows.

100% Online

Wherever and  whenever you want. Without barriers, limits or excuses.

Global Network

Be a part of our community of over 450 entrepreneurs forever.

Seed Capital

Compete for a prize to kick start your project.
1-to-1 Mentorship
‍Our community of mentors is made up of a diverse group of professionals from all fields and industries. Once you find a match, you will meet virtually with your mentor once per week over the course of the 3-month program.
Online Platform
The platform is the core of your incubation program and allows you can work together with teammates, receive feedback from your mentor, and chat with our support staff at anytime. It will be the place that you access our 8 interactive business tools, find extra resources, and view your Visual Business Plan.
Visual Business Plan
Every time, you complete a tool on the platform your Visual Business Plan will grow. At the end of the program, you can download your Visual Business Plan that contains all of the information you need to pitch your idea to investors, present your project in competitions, or simply showcase your work.

Join our Community
You will not be alone in this journey! As a part of The Leap incubation program you will join an active community of fellow entrepreneurs where you can share ideas, ask questions, and find resources. After your time in The Leap program is over, you will remain a member of the Bridge for Billions global ecosystem for life


How is The Leap Program structured?

Submit your application

Interview with our team

Receive your acceptance

Match with your mentor

Join the community

Begin your program

Continue growing

These are the 8 stepping stones of our program

Value Proposition

Better understand the opportunities available to you in the market, the needs of your customers, and the unique benefits of your product or service

Competition Map

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your offer, how you stand out from competitors, and find your true competitive advantage.

Stakeholders Map

Determine the different partners necessary for operating your business, create a map of your partners network  and different distribution channels.

Key Activities & Sales

Get a clear picture of the activities that are essential for your business to grow, and figure out how to attract customers and keep them coming back.

Pricing & Business Model

Analyze and select the Pricing Strategies and Business Models that best fit your venture, and all of your different customer types.

Growth Plan

Build a viable plan for the growth of your business, set objectives for 3 years to come, anticipate risks, and find strategies to always have a plan B.

Financial Planning

You don’t need to be an expert in finance; we’ll guide you through identifying the costs and revenues, as well as when you can expect to break even.

Social Impact

Shape your mission and vision, determine your desired social impact, and then learn how to accurately measure if you’re achieving your objectives.

Any doubts about our incubation program?


Application open until November 25th


They've taken the leap

"With the help of the intensive program and my mentor, I have the resources necessary to go to market."
Fréjus Thoto
Founder of DagriVest
“I feel much safer talking about my project thanks to all the work I've done. I don’t know where I’d be without Bridge and my mentor.”
Eugenia Gargallo
Founder of Up! TrainingClub
"Bridge for Billions enabled me to recognize my potential, and to generate a map of where I am now and where I should go."
Jose A. Martín
Founder of Apadrinaunolivo.org
"Thanks for all the help you've given me with my project. It's the perfect program for whatever idea in its initial stages"
Amaia García
Founder of S-There
"I opened up new vision and directions thanks to my mentor and the dedication of the B4B team."
Admir Huseini
Founder of Learning Center Gauss
"Before finding Bridge for Billions, I had found it difficult to find business mentoring that didn’t cost a fortune."
David Asiamah
Founder of Agromindset






Active Startups


Female Founders

How much does the program cost?

per month for 3 months
per month for 3 months
3 intensive months
Program based on learn by doing methodology
18h+ of personalized mentorship
Private online workspace
Join our international community
Lifetime access to resources and workshops
Free access for your teammates
Direct access to customer support

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an incubation program help me with?

An incubation program helps with the launch and growth of new businesses through different kinds of support that usually includes business development tools, mentorship, and access to a community.

Is Bridge for Billions for me?

It's designed for projects that are in the initial stage of development. We'll connect you with a mentor during 3 months, that will guide you through the 8 steps of our program.

Can I participate even though I work or study?

No problem. You pick when, where, and how you want to work on your project. The program is online and it's designed to work well with other work that occupies your day to day. The program requires around 5-7 hours of work per tool.

Who are the mentors in your program?

Our mentors work in a number of sectors and all of them share our passion for helping entrepreneurs in the early stages of development. They're all volunteers who will give their 100% to you and your project.

How do I get into the program?

Every month we open a new cohort and accept applications from entrepreneurs like you. You can sign up to get an email or check out our social media channels to find out , spots are always limited!

What does the program fee cover?

The program fee covers the 3 month long incubation program, your personalized mentorship, and lifetime access to our online community that includes: MasterClasses, workshops, and additional resources. Compared to traditional programs that can charge up to $5,000 (and take equity), we only charge this one-time per project fee.