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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs

Unleash access to opportunities for all

Create a program to empower, support and welcome less represented groups into the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Guide entrepreneurs from all types of backgrounds as they build their own businesses. 

Economic Development Programs

Increase the quality of life of vulnerable groups

Create a program that will have a real effect on people’s lives as local entrepreneurs generate decent job and growth opportunities in their communities.

Innovation Promotion Programs

Bet on innovation to develop solutions to the problems that truly matter

Create a program to help founders develop solutions to the most pressing issues of today.

Learn how Fundación Universia’s new inclusive innovation program is providing fundamental solutions for the needs of people living with disabilities.

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Ayudando A Quienes Ayudan

Foundation Gloria Kriete trains social entrepreneurs in El Salvador. For 2nd year in a row, it will host 2023 Entrepreneurial Incubator, training 30 entrepreneurs to develop purpose-driven businesses. Selected projects will be part of a comprehensive training program and have chance to apply to "Ayudando A Quienes Ayudan" seed capital contest.

Project Makers: Impacto Social

Project Makers: Social Impact is the first technology company accelerator that not only assists you with your business but also focuses on helping to scale its impact in reducing poverty on our island. This program is made possible thanks to the efforts of its two sister organizations, also focused on eradicating child poverty: Boys & Girls Clu...

EPIC Program

EPIC (End Poverty Innovation Challenge) is the flagship program for Social Ventures Foundation, a US-based foundation, that supports students in their journey of developing their social business. SVF and Bridge for Billions have now joined forces to develop ‘EPIC Costa Rica’ with one clear goal: to drive social and economic development in the c...

BBK Ekin 2022

BBK Ekin incubates social entrepreneurs developing businesses with a positive social impact. Finalist projects will be incubated for four months, and the three best projects will receive up to €10,000 in cash prizes.

CAA Incubation Program

CAA built an inclusive entrepreneurship program to support entrepreneurs in Colombia who want to develop business ideas with technological components to support social and economic development in the country.


La Caixa Foundation, through its entrepreneurship program, decided to support founders from underrepresented groups, with a lack of literacy and no previous support in entrepreneurship. This program aims to support entrepreneurs who are developing innovative solutions to improve the quality of life of people in two Peruvian regions, Quispicanchi an...

A Mamá le tengo Fe

This program by Fundación Monge was created in commemoration of Mother's Day to support Costa Rican mothers and encourage female entrepreneurship. In this program, women entrepreneurs were able to access resources and training in the development of their new businesses.

Social Innovation Incubator 2021

This program by United Way Metropolitan Dallas aims to address historical opportunity and resource gaps as well as systemic racial and gender inequities in the social innovation sector in North Texas. The program was specifically built to support early-stage social ventures led and staffed by women and people of color who are working to implement n...

Work for Yourself@50+

The AARP Foundation launched an entrepreneurship program to support adults over 50 from low-income backgrounds as they developed successful businesses with the objective to build a future without senior poverty.
Ciudad del saber

Programa de Incubación

An entrepreneurship program by Ciudad del Saber to scale their reach and promote the generation of startups in Panama. The objective of the program was to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem capable of growing at an accelerated pace and contributing dynamism to the country's economy.

Lab Emprendimiento Jurídico

The program Lab Emprendimiento Jurídico was launched as an initiative to foster entrepreneurial talent and innovation culture among legal professionals. The program aimed to support innovative ideas that respond to the current challenges of the legal profession, focusing on the resolution of pressing needs of companies in the sector such as the pr...

Desafío Emprendimiento Global

Fundación Universia collaborated with Bridge for Billions to create its own incubation program to support the development of business ideas created by entrepreneurs living with disabilities or entrepreneurs working to develop business ideas aimed at improving the lives of people living with disabilities.


A program by Fundación Cruzcampo to spur employment and instill an entrepreneurial spirit in young people from Andalusia in order to encourage innovation in the hospitality sector and economic development in the region.

Making More Health

Making More Health is an Innovation Promotion and Employee Engagement program by Boeringher Ingleheim and Ashoka to support young entrepreneurs with cutting-edge projects in the healthcare sector aimed at generating innovative solutions for the wellbeing and health of communities in Spain.
"The program "A mamá le tengo FE" from "Grupo Monge '' in Costa Rica, has been a success thanks to the extraordinary contribution of the team at Bridge for Billions and the business tools made available to us, which they managed incredibly well. The process has been designed and implemented with the entrepreneur at the core, in our case, Central American women with their own individual challenges. It has invited the different participants: funders, mentors, and partners, to work as a team, collaboratively, with a single objective: the personal and business growth of the women we have supported"
Maria Lourdes Brizuela Gutierrez
Executive Director at Fundación Monge

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