We’re connecting purpose‑driven entrepreneurs with investment opportunities around the world.

Introducing our Global Investors Network. 

What’s our Global Investment Network all about?

We’ve created GIN to help make the investment ecosystem accessible to all promising purpose-driven ventures. We offer training on fundraising and events to help you conquer investment without stepping into the unknown.

Global Investors Network

Resources, tips and masterclasses from leaders in the investment ecosystem.

Global Investors Network

Get Ready

Test the viability of your business in just 4 months through The Leap - our online incubation program.

Global Investors Network

Network & Connect

Join a series of initiatives to get visibility and connect to investment opportunities.

Check out our last Investment Bootcamp Series!

Most early-stage startups struggle to access the funds they need to enter the radar of investors so we’ve put together a series of training you don’t want to miss. We asked leaders in seed-stage investment to share their advice with us in order to help you prepare.

Our first investment series is now over, but you can still catch the recordings or sign up to updates below.

Global Investors Network
Benchmarking your Investment Readiness


Allison Hale and Sean Siegrist, Associates at VillageCapital

Global Investors Network
Developing your fundraising strategy


Sebastian Molina Gasman, Investment Analyst at Seedstars

Global Investors Network
Fundraising in Emerging Markets


Mélanie Keita, Founder at Melanin Kapital

Global Investors Network
Shared Stories from the Startup Investment Ecosystem

Clara Fernandez Porta, Co-founder, Hearts Radiant
Elizabeth Washburn Sruti, Senior Principal at Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation
Cecilia Turriago, Angel Investor

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We’re connecting investment opportunities around the world. ​