How to improve employee engagement?

Unlock the hidden potential of your employees while reaching business goals.

In today’s market employees expect their work to have purpose and their companies to drive societal impact.


of employees expect that their employers have a greater purpose, and their jobs have a meaningful societal impact


expect that the company’s culture is values-driven and inclusive


expects training, career growth and to find their work interesting and fulfilling

How will you meet their expectations while boosting innovation and creativity within your company?

We create, design and manage entrepreneurship and innovation programs with
incubators & accelerators companies foundations governments universities

Your employees will become mentors to early-stage entrepreneurs. The Bridge for Billions purpose-driven entrepreneurs are building innovative solutions to problems that truly matter.
By building your program with us:

Shape our economy and society by supporting job creation and innovation where it is mostly needed. 

  • We’ll increase your employee’s engagement with the company as they’ll see the direct impact of their work.

  • We’ll help them develop their soft skills: Leadership, empathy, team-work and creativity by connecting them with world-changing entrepreneurs.

  • We’ll help them develop their hard skills: While working with entrepreneurs in the development of their businesses they’ll have to dig deeper into marketing, financials and growth amongst other gritty nitty details of building a business from scratch.

  • You’ll be changing the way corporate volunteering is done. 

What we can do with & for you​

Unleash open innovation in your company & train intrapreneurs

Open Innovation & Intrapreneurship Programs

Find opportunities and develop innovations that increases your competitiveness.
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Engage your employees as startup mentors

Engage your employees as startup mentors

Employee Engagement Programs

Train your employees to become mentors and flex their entrepreneurial muscle.
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Boost the impact of your organization

Social Innovation Programs

Incubate entrepreneurs globally in your preferred sector and have a big impact.
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Strengthen the ecosystem in your region & create jobs

Economic Development Programs

Train & equip local ecosystem players to be able to support more entrepreneurs and create local jobs.
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Make students job creators instead of job seekers

University Entrepreneurship Programs

Provide a real-life entrepreneurship experience to your university students.
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Our program architects design innovation programs with the world’s leading corporates, foundations, universities and governments. Thanks to our years in the field, we know that each organization needs a tailored program that produces the right results, and that’s our main focus.
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