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At Bridge for Billions, we aim to help entrepreneurs from all demographics. Along with AARP, we created the AARP Foundation’s Work for Yourself@50+ that’s aimed toward 50+ year old entrepreneurs. We believe that the way to financial stability is through entrepreneurship and we did just that through a personalized program that helped over 40 entrepreneurs from across 39 different cities! They received assistance developing their business plans, identifying their target markets, and creating financial projections with 100% of entrepreneurs continuing their venture after the program.

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I went online and I looked through the Bridge for Billions website and I just saw people from all over the world: various cultures and different generations. It is so awesome and mind-blowing to know that programs like this exist for everyone. Without these programs, a lot of people in my position wouldn’t have access to other resources and would have to start from scratch. These programs are very important, very well-structured and very wanted and needed by our communities.
Juanita Singleton
Founder of Revelations Life Sciences, LLC.

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