Empowering Entrepreneurs: Partner with us to break systemic barriers and drive positive social change!

To create opportunities for North Texans who face racial systemic barriers, Bridge for Billions and United Way Dallas have teamed up to support entrepreneurs with social projects bringing positive

impact to the local community. We focused on women and entrepreneurs of color by providing them with a business plan development strategy, personalized leadership, seed funding, a chance to win $5,000 via a pitch competition, and prioritization for the acceleration program by UWMD. 

With over a 90% success rate of entrepreneurs continuing their business and dreams while 100% confirming that our program was useful for their business and future. 

Every program we design is unique. Just like our clients

Customized program to reach your objectives
Highly digitized experience
We find the best fitting entrepreneurs for you

Ready to make a difference in your community and change the lives of entrepreneurs?

The Bridge for Billions incubation program helped me with strategic planning and structuring each program to achieve the desired outcome. It also helped me evaluate each component of the nonprofit venture to determine its viability and importance to the organization.
Cynthia Moore
Founder of Be Wellness

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