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We create monthly events for those who have an active role in rebuilding the entrepreneurship ecosystem towards a more inclusive and efficient one. Spaces to connect, share best practices and change the meaning of the word “innovation”.

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Innovation for Women, Innovation for All

Åsa Skogström Feldt

Manager of IKEA Social Entrepreneurship BV

Roshini Varma

Director of Social Impact, Visa Inc.

Cate Costa

Vice President in Global Philanthropy JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Carmen Gómez-Acebo

Sustainability Director Coca-Cola European Partners

A roundtable event to explore why betting on female entrepreneurship and innovation is key to fixing the challenges our society faces, focusing on the role of corporations in supporting women founders.


We create monthly spaces for decision makers in the innovation and entrepreneurship space to share learnings, connect and play an active role in creating an inclusive and efficient ecosystem.

Past events in our community

The ROI of Supporting Inclusive Entrepreneurship

In this webinar, Andrea Carron – Business Development Director for North America at Bridge for Billions – explores the ways we can measure the impact generated by supporting entrepreneurship. At Bridge for Billions, we partner with many social organizations to launch entrepreneurship programs that have strong external and internal impact. Measuring that impact is not a simple matter. Here, you can learn more about the main KPIs and ways to really establish your organization social return. An enriching overview based on the Bridge for Billions’ experiences for social impact organizations who want to deepen their knowledge about social innovation.

Aprendizajes sobre emprendimiento en el sector público

Learnings about entrepreneurship in the public sector

An interactive online event to talk about good practices and lessons learned from entrepreneur support programs.

Innovación inclusiva para el desarrollo

Inclusive innovation for development

Economic development: there is talent for innovation everywhere, but no opportunity.

Incubación, en tierra de nadie

Incubation, in no one’s land

The roundtable discussed the status, challenges, and commitments of strengthening the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem in very early stages.

Innovation for Women, Innovation for All

A roundtable event to explore why betting on female entrepreneurship and innovation is key to fixing the challenges our society faces, focusing on the role of corporations in supporting women founders.

Stories from Organizations

We design and build entrepreneurship and innovation programs with organizations around the world. Discover everything we have achieved with our clients to generate inclusive, efficient innovation where it is needed most.

The United Nations Environment Programme launched an entrepreneurship program to support the development of new green businesses working in forest restoration.

Mutualidad Abogacía have extended the reach of their innovation program Lab Emprendimiento Jurídico, aimed at finding innovative solutions to solve the current challenges the legal sector faces through entrepreneurship.

Jaiz Bank's intensive entrepreneurship and CSR program to support new solutions for the challenges of COVID 19 whilst supporting 11 entrepreneurs across Nigeria.

A program to connect BMW employees as mentors to social entrepreneurs from the Changemakerxchange community to develop new purpose-driven startups.

Via Celere’s innovative CSR and employee engagement program to promote urban sustainability by matching 18 Vía Célere employees with 18 entrepreneurs across 6 teams.

20 purpose-driven entrepreneurship programs across 5 continents go digital to offer much needed support to entrepreneurs during Covid-19.

An economic development program to stimulate entrepreneurial and innovation mindsets among young job seekers in France, supporting a total of 60 young entrepreneurs.

The latest in Innovation

Articles about building an inclusive, efficient and meritocratic innovation ecosystem. An ecosystem committed to solving the problems that really matter.

Bridge for Billions extends its offering of entrepreneurship training to include financial support, awarding a total of $15,000 USD in seed capital between 6 entrepreneurs in Latin America.

Investments are being made increasingly at more advanced stages, but it doesn't have to be this way. We interview Karel Escobar, Co-founder of Backfund to understand the reasons to invest in early stage entrepreneurs.

In a crisis of opportunities, how can entrepreneurship support organizations pave the way to the development of resilient businesses whilst driving global economic growth for post-pandemic recovery?

We explore gender inclusivity in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, identifying the key gaps in the ecosystem today and breaking down how organizations can play their part to increase women's access to innovation spaces.

In a society where change, uncertainty and crisis have become commonplace, we must look to our purpose to drive us forward. Purpose-driven innovation is now the key to unlocking a new, fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable society post Covid-19. Download our 10 purpose-driven Innovation trends PDF below to learn which industries and companies are already one step ahead.

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