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Choose the program that best fits your needs as a founder and…

  • Find your product-market fit
  • Build a business that’s financially viable
  • Get another pair of eyes on your project
  • Expand your network
  • Develop new abilities and soft skills as an entrepreneur
  • Prepare your pitch to potential investors and partners
  • Develop your Executive Summary as you build your business

Apply to one of our programs and get all the resources and support you need as you build your own business

  • Our step-by-step methodology will guide you through validating your solution with real clients. 

  • One month fully focused on finding the right pricing strategy and developing the financial projections.

  • Weekly 1 hour sessions with your personalized mentor at the time you both prefer. 

  • Lifetime access to our global community of founders, mentors, and investors and access to our workshops and digital events.

  • Access to cohort meetings where you get the chance to meet and connect with fellow founders. 

  • Access to our 8 interactive business tools to take you through the fundamentals of building a business.

  • An incubation manager supporting you every step of the way. 

  • Invitation to a closing session once you have your validated business plan. 


Get benefits and discounts for your startup. You’ll get discounts on services like Google Cloud Services, Taskade, Mailjet, Hubspot for Startups, Amazon Web Services, Stripe, and more!

Training and opportunities

Workshops and resources to understand what’s a seed-stage investment and how it fits you. 

Check-out our active programs!

These are the programs we currently have active with our partners.

Language: Spanish 
Boost your business with Puentes de Desarrollo, a program empowering agricultural entrepreneurs in Guatemala thanks to Banco Industrial.
Closing Application Date: March 11th, 2024
Language: Spanish 
Emprende Verde will transform ideas into sustainable business projects in Guatemala. Created by Coca-Cola and Bridge for Billions, the program aims to support 60 entrepreneurs looking to innovate in the circular economy to generate a positive impact in the country.
Closing Application Date: March 4th, 2024
All Sectors 
Language: Spanish 
Ashoka launches in Spain, in collaboration with IKEA, its incubation program for social projects, which seeks to reach all entrepreneurs in the country. Become a mentor and support them to promote social innovation and economic growth in the country.

Applications closed

All Sectors 
Italia (Lombardy and Lazio)
Language: Italian 
Conecta M&R offers a free entrepreneurship support program that supports aspiring or current migrant and refugee entrepreneurs in Lombardy and Lazio regions, Italy. Our mission is to provide educational resources, one-to-one mentoring and networking to support the development of early-stage businesses.

Applications closed

Cordoba, Spain
Language: Spanish  
IN-HABIT Cordoba will use this rich cultural heritage to explore its culture in the promotion of inclusive health and wellbeing, investigating social, cultural, digital, technological and nature-based innovations and developing green, sustainable and creative areas to drive inclusion in more deprived neighborhoods.

Applications closed

Business Services 
Language: English 
The Bridge for Billions incubation Program Powered by Payoneer aims to empower 70 digital business owners that want to scale their day-to-day operations. We want to support them in building solid foundations for their business development, and making their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

Applications closed

All Sectors 
País Vasco, España
Language: Spanish 
BBK Ekin incubates social entrepreneurs developing businesses with a positive social impact. Finalist projects will be incubated for four months, and the three best projects will receive up to €10,000 in cash prizes.

Applications closed

All Sectors 
Comunidad de Madrid
Language: Spanish 
Conecta Migrants and Refugees is a free entrepreneurship program that brings together five renowned Entrepreneurship Support Organizations, deeply connected with migrant and refugee communities. Its mission is to support and provide educational resources, personalized mentorship, and a network of contacts to drive business development.

Applications closed

All Sectors 
Language: Slovak 
Through an integrated environment and art corridor, IN-HABIT Nitra will connect places and people. As part of these innovations, minority groups of people with special needs who are traditionally underrepresented in city planning and development have been included in the different stages of the project to boost inhabitant health and well-being.

Applications closed

All Sectors 
Language: Italian  
IN-HABIT Lucca will foster the human-animal relationships, making it the first Hum-An smart city in Europe. By better mobilizing existing animal resources, the project will contribute to social innovation based on transition management methods and intergenerational open participation of citizens.

Applications closed

All Sectors 
Language: Latvian 
IN-HABIT Riga will set up a multifunctional food hub for sustainably produced and locally sourced food in the area of the ?genskalns market, serving as a recreational and educational space for all ages and social groups.

Applications closed

Business Services 
Language: English  
Biniyog Briddhi (“B-Briddhi”) is a multi-year programme that runs since 2020 and is dedicated to supporting a thriving ecosystem where impact enterprises of Bangladesh can grow and scale their impact.

Applications closed

All Sectors 
Central America or Dominican Republic
Language: Spanish 
This is the second edition of the incubation program for supporting women entrepreneurs in the STEAM sector – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

Applications closed

All sectors 
USA, Costa Rica, Mexico, Philippines, India, UK and Poland
Language: English 
In alliance with TMF Group, we’re on a mission to simplify the journey of social entrepreneurs by helping them navigate through challenges, and strategize for solid business growth. Join Beyond Boundaries to access an innovative incubation program, expert mentorship and a global entrepreneur community.

Applications closed

What will your learning process look like through The Leap?

The entrepreneurship journey is chaotic by nature! That’s why our methodology is based on creating an entrepreneurship learn-by-doing approach. 

Our methodology allow you to answer the tough questions about building your own business in a step-by-step format, where you’ll “learn by doing” with our 8 business modules. Work on them following your own schedule, day or night! 

The methodology that adapts to your startup!

The entrepreneurship journey is chaotic by nature! That’s why our methodology is based on creating an entrepreneurship learn-by-doing approach. 

Our methodology allow you to answer the tough questions about building your own business in a step-by-step format, where you’ll “learn by doing” with our 8 business modules. Work on them following your own schedule, day or night! 

Check-out what some of the founders in our community say!

"The Team at The Fetch Co. has finished Bridge for Billions Incubation Program and we couldn't be more grateful for winning our first Seed Funding (Growth Talent Awards)! With the seed funding as well as the knowledge we got from the incubator we know we will make a HUGE difference in the lives of stray dogs and people struggling with mental health!"
Gabriel Anzueto
Founder of The Fetch Co.. 
From Guatemala. 
"Being on Bridge for Billions community was an eye-opener for me. I learnt a lot of things business-wise. The journey with my mentor was amazing and she was always supportive. I am looking forward to putting the skills learnt on my business venture."
Pamela Wesonga
Founder of Teetyrant Enterprise. 
From Kenya. 
"I've been making best guesses at this stuff for 2 years now, but it feels so good to have logic and data informing my decision. I already feel pulled in less directions because I know where to focus our branding now––THANK YOU! I love how guided the platform is, makes it easier for me to come to conclusions in logical, step-by-step ways! Takes some of the painful overthinking out of the process that we founders often do!"
Amanda Wilson
Founder of Voxapod. 
From United States of America. 
"B4B had been a turning point for me because I have had an idea for almost 2 years, but I was not able to find a reliable structure and/or resource person to help me bring my idea to life. B4B provided me with a structure, tools, and instructions to follow in order to build my business plan. Even though I’m not a tech, finance, or marketing specialist, I have been able to bring my idea to life with the support of my two mentors who believe in its potential. "
Emelyne Bahanda
Founder of Nsengo. 
From Congo. 

Meet our Program Managers!

One of our incubation experts will help you throughout your entrepreneurship journey.

Sofia Pinto
Paola Rosenberg
Martín Jacobo
Bianca Breveglieri
Ngata Holele
Alan Wagenberg
Otto Salvador Mejia
Marianne Gómez
Stephanie Esprester
Lola Wong
Catherina Vecchione
Marie Christelle Igihozo
Anika Leal García
Rocío Fernández Gutiérrez
Arielle Combrink
Abigail Tzunún
Mahmoud Assy
Douglas Torres Torres
Esthefany Moscoso
Sharon Batamuriza

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