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"The Bridge for Billions program enabled me to see how important and fulfilling giving of your ideas and experiences can impact young entrepreneurs. It was more of a self- discovery journey.”
Buchi Nduka
Mentor from Nigeria

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Startup Builder and innovation manager
CEO & Founder African Environment Consulting
Founding Member at Open Consulting Group
Jefe de departamento Naucalpan Emprende
Business Strategy & People Development Certified Coach
Director Startup Grind
Analyst in Technology Leadership Development Program at Johnson & Johnson
Founder CoMarkt
Consultant at ASHOKA España
Director at Instituto Emprende en Ti
Program Director Global Entrepreneurship Network Pakistan
Social Impact Design & Business Strategy Consultant
Professional Coach & Startup Mentor at Oduka
Renewable Energy Modeller & Analyst GE Renewable Energy
Investment Banking Analyst, Arcano
Professional business Mentors & Consultant
Director Business Development & Industrial Partnerships at Northeastern University
Partner at Business Club Africa
Member Catalyst 2030

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Language: English 
Focus on: First-generation immigrant 
In honor of John D’Silva’s legacy and the mission he left behind, Web City Properties is proud to launch a partnership with Bridge for Billions a program to support first-generation immigrant entrepreneurs in the United States to launch and advance their businesses through a high-quality, effective entrepreneurship support program.

Applications closed

Language: Spanish 
Sector: Sustainability 
Focus on: Social projects 
Ashoka launches in Spain, in collaboration with IKEA, its incubation program for social projects, which seeks to reach all entrepreneurs in the country. Become a mentor and support them to promote social innovation and economic growth in the country.

Applications closed

Language: Spanish 
Focus on: Social Entrepreneurship 
BBK Ekin incubates social entrepreneurs developing businesses with a positive social impact. Finalist projects will be incubated for four months, and the three best projects will receive up to €10,000 in cash prizes.

Applications closed

Language: Spanish 
Program for ventures in Central America that are in the idea phase or that have already been launched and need to develop and validate their business plan.

Applications closed

Language: Latvian 
Focus on: Food 
IN-HABIT Riga will set up a multifunctional food hub for sustainably produced and locally sourced food in the area of the ?genskalns market, serving as a recreational and educational space for all ages and social groups.

Applications closed

Language: Spanish 
Focus on: Heritage and culture 
IN-HABIT Cordoba will use this rich cultural heritage to explore its culture in the promotion of inclusive health and wellbeing, investigating social, cultural, digital, technological and nature-based innovations and developing green, sustainable and creative areas to drive inclusion in more deprived neighborhoods.

Applications closed

Language: Italian 
Focus on: Animals 
IN-HABIT Lucca will foster the human-animal relationships, making it the first Hum-An smart city in Europe. By better mobilizing existing animal resources, the project will contribute to social innovation based on transition management methods and intergenerational open participation of citizens. There will be animal paths (such as cyclepaths) connecting the historic center, the Ancient Walls, and the green spaces around it.

Applications closed

Language: Slovak 
Focus on: Art & Environment 
Through an integrated environment and art corridor, IN-HABIT Nitra will connect places and people. As part of these innovations, minority groups of people with special needs who are traditionally underrepresented in city planning and development have been included in the different stages of the project to boost inhabitant health and well-being. By creating a liveable public space for women, children, the elderly, ethnic minorities, and individuals with disabilities.

Applications closed

Language: English and French 
Sector: HealthTech 
Focus on: Cardiovascular Health, Breast Cancer, Virtual Care & Optimization of data-driven decision making 
By supporting African-led health tech solutions, the HealthTech Hub Africa addresses public health challenges in Africa. By collaborating with government partners, the hub aims to promote the development of health technologies in Africa and fast-track such innovations.

Applications closed

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