Social Innovation Programs

Support a new generation of diverse entrepreneurs and accelerate your social impact

They work with us

Entrepreneurs create products and services that solve the problems of people similar to them. Unlock innovation for all and solve the most pressing issues in today’s world.

Make tangible impact by creating your program for entrepreneurs

Social Innovation Programs

Do you want to create opportunities for vulnerable groups?

Launch a new or bigger entrepreneurship program for diverse founders.

Social Innovation Programs

Are you looking for new solutions to a specific problem?

Invite founders from any area of innovation to find solutions and tackle your specific challenges.

Social Innovation Programs

Do you want to make a meaningful and measurable impact?

Be at the forefront of social innovation, create an entrepreneurship program on the impact area or for the target group you’re most interested in.

Learn how we have promoted entrepreneurial projects in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors thanks to our platform.

Social Innovation Programs
How to run a social innovation program?
Create your own program to support entrepreneurs globally with a proven discipline-based entrepreneurship method and mentorship. Run it yourself with all the right tools at hand, or let us do it. Let’s co-create your tailor-made program and tackle your specific innovation challenges.

Dive inside a purpose-driven entrepreneurship program

As a part of their CSR Strategy, Coca-Cola Spain launched “GIRA Mujeres”, a program that specifically supports women entrepreneurs from rural areas. Coca-Cola worked with Bridge for Billions to help women nationwide manifest their ideas and learn the basics of building a business.

Meet a Bridge for Billions program architect
Our program architects design innovation programs with the world’s leading corporates, foundations, universities and governments. Thanks to our years in the field, we know that each organization needs a tailored program that produces the right results, and that’s our main focus.
Meet your program architect
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