Innovation needs to focus on the most pressing issues of our time

Boost purpose-driven innovation and support the development of solutions to the problems that matter.

Our ecosystem lacks opportunities

The ugly truth of the entrepreneurship ecosystem is that it has a preconceived idea of what success is and looks like when it comes to innovation. That’s why many organizations only support low risk entrepreneurs working in trendy sectors. 

As decision makers we need to shift the mindset of our organizations and start tackling the issues that are most pressing for the common good and not only those that are a hot topic. To fight back some of the most important problems of today’s world we need to support diverse entrepreneurs developing all kinds of purpose-driven solutions.

An entrepreneurship program to advance change

Create a program to tackle the challenges of your sector or in the cause your organization is already working on.
Work side by side with the most agile mindsets of the ecosystem and get a front row seat to innovation in your sector.
Tailor the program to provide the resources and support needed to the specific group of entrepreneurs. Ensure they have all they need to build innovative and resilient solutions.
“To be able to design a program like Future Cities with Bridge for Billions as a strategic partner has allowed us to learn about entrepreneurs with innovative solutions who are already working towards building sustainable and responsible cities. We were able to create our own innovation network with whom to continue to collaborate.”
Carlos Valdés
CSR Director at Vía Célere

Create your own experience

Let’s design it together!


Needs Assessment

Count on our expertise running entrepreneurship programs in 98 countries and across all sectors to understand how to reach your organization’s objectives. Let’s define the type of entrepreneur you want to support, the sector of your interest, the ideal mentors, niche resources and sector experts if needed for your program.


Program Kickoff

After we align on the pillars of your entrepreneurship program, your assigned Program Manager is ready to kick-off. In collaboration with Marketing we will develop communication materials to find the entrepreneurs and mentors for your program. Once the selection process is over we’ll build the perfect teams between mentors and entrepreneurs. You can also include your employees as mentors!


Implementation Support

We manage all aspects of the program implementation with you, from launch and scouting of participants in your sector of interest to facilitation, incubation support and impact reporting. Our incubation platform comes equipped with the content, methodology and technology to make the program easy-to-manage and a complete success. Feel free to add sector specific sessions or resources in order to provide a tailor-made experience to your participants. 


Closing and Evaluation

After entrepreneurs have validated and built strong businesses and meaningful relationships through their weekly one-to-one sessions and training with their mentors, we can host a demo day to celebrate the achievements and reflect on the experience with all your stakeholders. You’ll also get a complete report with the key results and learnings from the program. 

Every program we design is unique. Just like our clients

The Restoration Factory

A program to achieve the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration goals by supporting the development of new purpose-driven forest businesses that ensure that restoration happens in a systematic way, born from an innovative way to do business, with the welfare of the ecosystem in mind.

Jaiz Competition

A CSR program by Jaiz Bank to initiate their innovation team internally in digital incubation best practices while running this program with the objective to support startups in Nigeria developing solutions to the most pressing issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


A program by Fundación Cruzcampo to spur employment and instill an entrepreneurial spirit in young people from Andalusia in order to encourage innovation in the hospitality sector and economic development in the region.

Select your organization’s goal

Boost economic growth

Strengthen local ecosystems

Promote access to opportunities for all

Engage your employees in purpose-driven initiatives

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Boost economic growth

Ecosystem Builders Programs

Strengthen local ecosystems

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Programs

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