What is intrapreneurship program?

Learn everything you need to know about intrapreneurship and boost innovation from within.

What is intrapreneurship?

Intrapreneurship means exemplifying behaviors such as creativity, speed, flexibility, and adaptability to change, the way an entrepreneur would, while being an employee of a company. This usually means working towards organizational growth, innovation, and taking risks.

As a C-suite or Senior Manager you might feel a bit hesitant to promote intrapreneurship with your company because of the loss of control, the lack of processes often perceived from entrepreneurship, and the fear of investing costly resources into a project that might or might not work.

Intrapreneurship programs

If you’d like to:

  1. Foster creativity and leadership skills
  2. Attract top talent to your company
  3. Be competitive in a fierce market

You need to foster intrapreneurship in your company and we can help you do it.

What we can do with & for you​

Intrapreneurship programs

Unleash open innovation in your company & train intrapreneurs

Open Innovation & Intrapreneurship Programs

Find opportunities and develop innovations that increases your competitiveness.
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Intrapreneurship programs

Engage your employees as startup mentors

Engage your employees as startup mentors

Employee Engagement Programs

Train your employees to become mentors and flex their entrepreneurial muscle.
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Intrapreneurship programs

Boost the impact of your organization

Social Innovation Programs

Incubate entrepreneurs globally in your preferred sector and have a big impact.
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Intrapreneurship programs

Strengthen the ecosystem in your region & create jobs

Economic Development Programs

Train & equip local ecosystem players to be able to support more entrepreneurs and create local jobs.
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Intrapreneurship programs

Make students job creators instead of job seekers

University Entrepreneurship Programs

Provide a real-life entrepreneurship experience to your university students.
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Intrapreneurship programs

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