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Professionals from all industries and fields are welcome to apply

3 months - 1.5h/week

Choose when to mentor and commit to helping a project over the course of 3 months

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We offer a simple and easy process for remote collaboration through our digital platform

Become a mentor to an entrepreneur if

You're an experienced professional in your sector and are looking for a way to give back

You’ve hiked to the top as an entrepreneur and you want to help others take the first step

You’re an expert in your field and want to connect with other innovators

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Connect with entrepreneurs based on your interests and expertise

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Mentor from anywhere at any time through our online platform

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Develop your own skills as a mentor while helping a startup business grow

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Expose yourself to the latest innovation and entrepreneurship methodologies

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Help your entrepreneur succeed and your efforts will be rewarded

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Our Mentors

"I wanted to use my experience to continue supporting entrepreneurs with the objective of making the world a better place."
Víctor Grau
Cities & Housing
"I'm moved by a passion for helping others succeed; it's one of the best feelings I've experienced."
Sophie Castell
Education & Training
"I want to help promote sustainable development and encourage new generations to launch themselves and explore their potential."
Alina Amador
Agriculture & Fishing
Costa Rica
"I want to help entrepreneurs to go further quicker and to avoid making common errors."
Simon Fevry
Education & Training
"Today I love guiding and supporting entrepreneurs. I want to help them reach their potential because I've discovered that it's my passion".
Angelica Lopez
Marketing & Finance
"I realized the lack of awareness about entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem in general, and I think that this program provides a solid online incubation tool which works out really well for the cost conscious entrepreneurs".
Meghdut Roy Chowdhury
High-Tech & Digital Industry 4.0
"I was instantly attracted to B4B's vision of pairing business development with the aim of positive change, all whilst making entrepreneurship accessible to all".
Rossella Frigerio
Beauty & Fashion

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to join Bridge for Billions?

Join us if you have a passion to help aspiring entrepreneurs. All academic and professionals fields are welcome; we believe that the greater the diversity in mentor profiles and backgrounds, the greater the chances of creating fruitful matches. We believe any professional with the right tools and guidance can be a great mentor.

What is the commitment required?

We ask mentors for a minimum commitment of 1.5h per week over each 3 month incubation period in order to ensure quality mentorship and a productive business relationship.

How often can I see projects?

We have a new cohort of projects every month. Once they are pre-selected, we will notify you so you can browse through the projects and get to know the entrepreneurs behind them and choose which one you’re interested in working with.

Do I get paid as a mentor?

Being a Bridge for Billions mentor is a 100% voluntary experience during which you’ll impact the life of an entrepreneur when it’s most needed while learning the latest entrepreneurship methodologies.

Can I invest in businesses that go through your programs?

Yes, whether you are a business angel or part of an investment fund, please contact us at to learn more about accessing our portfolio of projects.

What kind of projects do you incubate?

We incubate projects from a variety of different sectors, but they're all run by passion-driven entrepreneurs. The projects are also always in very early stages of development, where we feel that we can be of most help.