Our big Ask!

Innovation for All

To create a world where anyone regardless of race, gender, location or background can have the opportunity to become an entrepreneur.

If you have a lake in front of your house and one fish is floating belly-up dead, it makes sense to analyze the fish.

What is wrong with it?

Imagine the fish is one entrepreneur failing in their journey to create new jobs and innovative solutions.

We’d ask: did it work hard enough?

But if you come out to that same lake and half the fish are floating belly-up dead,

What should you do?

This time you’ve got to analyze the lake.
Imagine the lake is one entrepreneurship support organization and more than half their entrepreneurs are failing in their journey.

This time we’d ask: might the system itself be causing such consistent, unacceptable outcomes for entrepreneurs? If so, how?

Now… Picture five lakes around your house, and in each and every lake half the fishes are floating belly-up dead!

What is it time to do? We say it’s time to challenge the groundwater.

It’s time to challenge the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

We openly challenge the way the current entrepreneurship ecosystem works

In a world where innovative solutions only benefit the privileged, we must proactively democratize access to quality entrepreneurship support worldwide. It’s in the act of supporting all types of innovators, we’ll see entrepreneurs unleashing their entrepreneurial potential to generate all kinds of sustainable solutions to the problems that truly matter.

Our ecosystem lacks opportunities

Entrepreneurship programs usually only exist in big cities and have limited capacity due to the high costs it takes to support one entrepreneur. This ends up being a burden on the entrepreneur who gets asked for high fees, equity for support or rejected from the program.

of applicants are accepted into entrepreneurship programs

of accepted entrepreneurs globally are based in Silicon Valley

Our ecosystem lacks diversity

By the time entrepreneurs are ready to face a VC, they’ve already gone through ideation, incubation and acceleration and probably have received quality mentorship, and the truth is that most of this support is outrageously inaccessible to minorities due to competitive selection processes with a bias towards the most educated or connected.

of VC-backed startups globally are male-led

of these are led by white males

Our ecosystem is not efficient

All actors that offer entrepreneurship programs — big companies, foundations, incubators and accelerators, development agencies, and governments — face the same challenges: their costs increase proportionally with the number of entrepreneurs supported and oblige them to only support ~15 entrepreneurs per year on average, when thousands are looking for support.

of entrepreneurship initiatives’ budgets go into rent and salaries to host the entrepreneurs

of their budgets to support them and strengthen local ecosystems

Funding is not fairly distributed

Risk is perceived to be higher for seed, start-up and early growth stage businesses because the management team is inexperienced and the product and market may be unproven. An efficient and diverse funding ecosystem will enable the flow of capital to the most promising entrepreneurial ideas. When access to capital is tied to factors unrelated to the quality or potential of the business—such as geography, gender, race, or wealth—the flow of capital to promising entrepreneurs is slowed.

Despite the importance of capital for entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs face barriers to securing base and early-stage capital

The consequences of entrepreneurship as we know it today…

What you can do to turn this around

Together, we’ll make entrepreneurship and innovation the vast positive driving forces behind the venture and economic growth our societies and economies need.

  • Find efficient ways of supporting many more entrepreneurs

  • Welcome diverse entrepreneurs into your initiatives

  • Create opportunities for vulnerable groups

  • Solve specific challenges by betting on innovation

  • Be part of an international network that advocates for global social impact

  • Believe you can ignite change

  • Support other entrepreneurs like you

  • Be part of the next generation of purpose-driven entrepreneurs

  • Be conscious and proactive about financing projects from different sectors and with different backgrounds

  • Provide non-financial support too

  • Help entrepreneurs navigate such a complex environment by sharing your insights about early-stage funding

  • Support purpose-driven projects by financing diverse entrepreneurs

  • Be a role model to a diverse group of founders

  • Donate your time weekly to boost entrepreneurship

  • Share your experience with early-stage entrepreneurs

  • Guide them through the unknown & support them emotionally too

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