Our pricing model

The truth behind our price

As a purpose-driven company we believe that transparency and honesty are key to building a strong community.

As a social enterprise, we stand behind the idea that doing good whilst doing business is possible. Our mission remains the same after 5 years of activity: democratize access to entrepreneurship support and resources globally.

Because we envision a world in which innovation is no longer a luxury of the city centers benefiting only a few entrepreneurs we established an initial price beneath the market price and have granted financial aid support to 81% of our entrepreneurs for up to 66% of the price of the program.

We're on a mission to democratize access to entrepreneurship support worldwide

Naively, when we started out, we thought our price was a “one-size fits all” and with time we have learned more and more about the economic and social gaps that exist in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Now, we have decided that adapting our pricing to each geography was even more fair to all, not just for those that seek financial aid support.

What it costs us to incubate one project


Per Project
  • Running the program operationally

    Selecting the best mentors for the program, onboarding everyone to the platform, and continuous support during incubation.

  • Tech support for all entrepreneurs and mentors

  • The Marketing Team

  • Partnerships and Perks for entrepreneurs and mentors

    Resources, masterclasses, sharing opportunities post-program, follow-up with entrepreneurs after finishing the program and facilitating our online community.

  • Advertising

  • Software and tools

  • Office expenses

We present to you our new pricing strategy

Group A

$100 USD

per month for 3 months

If your country belongs to Group A (From #61 onwards)

Most of our applications to the program come from countries in these regions. We hope this pricing suits better their possibilities.

Group B

$175 USD

per month for 3 months

If your country belongs to Group B (From position #36 to #60)

We have maintained the initial price as we keep learning what’s possible for entrepreneurs in these countries while maintaining the programs running.

Group C

$300 USD

per month for 3 months

If your contry belongs to Group C (From position #1 to #35)

Some of our entrepreneurs are from these countries and through data analytics we’ve learned this is an accessible price for these countries.

As you can see, regardless of whether you belong to group A, B or C, you are paying less than what running The Leap really costs us ($1,500/entrepreneur).

We are able to offer this subsidised price thanks to a second business model in which we create, design and manage innovation & entrepreneurship programs with corporates, universities, public foundations and governments. We consciously reinvest the profit made from these programs to subsidise The Leap and support even more entrepreneurs.

As easy as that.