The online program that transforms business ideas into business plans

The Bridge for Billions method is based on building a business plan from the ground up while surrounded by a community of supporters: mentors, fellow entrepreneurs, and our incubation team.

Our online platform with a gamified and step by step experience allows entrepreneurs to customize their business plans and structure their work.

The pillars of our know-how

People learn best by doing

This is not a theoretical or academic program, but a pedagogy that forces entrepreneurs to “get out there” and talk to people, experiment, research, and document their ideas. We guide them, the mentors double check and support, and the entrepreneurs talk to their real target customers along the way.

Collaboration > Isolation

Our platform pushes early-stage founders to formulate their ideas and really answer the tough questions. But it’s not just to have a record of thoughts, it’s to help share them with teammates, mentors, or anyone else that’s invited to collaborate. Ideas get stronger when challenged, so we built our incubation program to do just that.

Divergence, then convergence

Following design thinking principles, we believe creativity and ideation should come first. Then, only after considering all the possibilities and considering new things, should you focus on the most critical areas. That’s why most of our activities start by diverging with open ideation, for example, creating an exhaustive list of options, and end with convergence, a selection of the most important items.

Showing is as important as telling

A bunch of graphs with no explanation are pretty meaningless, but the opposite is just as bad – an all text report about the business. We help to create personalized visuals that represent the entrepreneurs business idea and always give them the chance to explain them in their own words. Data, presented in a clean visual format + the right explanation to give it a personal touch = a winning combination.

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