The Leap

Reimagine Our Society Edition

How can we reimagine how we live? How can we reimagine our working policies?  How can we reimagine our learning system?  How can we reimagine our economy?

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to change the world! We are launching The Leap: Reimagine Our Society Edition, an online incubation program to support early-stage founders from around the world to develop solutions that will rebuild our systems through purpose-driven innovative solutions.

Let’s use this disruption as an opportunity.


How will you reimagine our society?

Purpose driven startups are those who are solving real problems that really matter and deliver real value. If you believe that your solution can reinvent our society or have a project in the next areas of innovation apply to our 3-month incubation program.

Digital and values-based education

Solutions that facilitate e-learning for all ages and boost intellectual growth, as well as other soft skills such as entrepreneurship, empathy and adaptability.

Remote work, Automation & Productivity

As the world is facing unemployment, income source vulnerability and business shutdowns, we are looking for startups focused on boosting productivity.

Sustainability and environmentally conscious

Solutions focused on group discipline, organised efforts and lobbying to improve sustainability on a global scale.

Real food and ethical distribution

Solutions based on the efficiency of real food delivery, the sustainability of those products and ethical supply chains.

Smart Cities and Efficient Transportation

Solutions in redesigning public transportation, updating our streets to safeguard social distancing and mobilising airports to ensure health screenings.

Platforms & Fair sharing-Economy

From marketplaces, collaborative platforms, platform cooperatives for food aid, volunteering, and community based platforms to support local businesses.

Health, Biotech & Security

Solutions focused on fast diagnosing, social distancing, and maintaining health and security to prevent another outbreak.


Solutions focused on creating new banking systems available for everyone everywhere.

What is Bridge for Billions?


Bridge for Billions is a digital ecosystem of entrepreneurship programs that provides the right tools & guidance to early-stage entrepreneurs to develop their companies through a learn-by-doing methodology.

Why join?

Proven methodology

You’ll work on your project following a methodology that has helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs in +60 countries.

Find your Mentor

Work hand in hand with a professional that will help you grow your business.

Experience Active Learning

The platform offers a learn-by-doing approach inspired by MIT’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship and you’ll get to generate a business plan in PDF.

Anytime, Anywhere

Develop your project from wherever you are in the world through the digital platform. No limits, no excuses.

Exclusive perks

Access to expert masterclasses + more than 30K in discounts on HubSpot, Amazon WS, Google Suite, MailJet, IBM…

Global Network

Become a part of a supportive community of founders from 63 countries that share resources & harness challenges together.

The best mentoring platform in the ecosystem

The Bridge for Billions method is based on building a business plan from the ground up while surrounded by a community of supporters: mentors, fellow entrepreneurs, and our incubation team.

Our online platform with a step by step structure allows entrepreneurs to experiment, research, and document their ideas in a way that by the end of the program they can download their actionable business plan.

We guide you, the mentors challenge and support you, and you will talk to your real target customers along the way.

Plus laptop device

Wanna learn more about our process?

How will this work?

A 3-month incubation program to boost innovation in times of need.
We believe that entrepreneurship is the engine to economic and social growth.

Gradient_Completion Rate
Step 2
Submit your application

Apply before June the 8th, 2020

Gradient_Match – Entrepreneur _ Mentor
Step 3
Select the mentor you want to work with

Match with your mentor before June the 19th, 2020.

Gradient_Active Startups_Ready to launch
Step 4
Start your incubation program

Program starts on June 24th, 2020.

We decided to take most of the cost off your shoulders

We are a small company, driven by our mission to democratize access to quality entrepreneurship support around the world. To be completely honest and fully transparent with you, it costs us around €1,500* to incubate each project we receive.

However, we are still looking for sponsors willing to be part of the program. As for now, we have decided to subsidize almost 70% of the cost so as to make your project happen. If this isn’t a possibility for you, we offer need-based partial financial support to entrepreneurs in vulnerable situations. 


For the duration of 4 months

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