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Betting on Entrepreneurship to drive Climate Action
Explore how entrepreneurship ignites climate action. This report reveals key strategies for eco-innovation and the power of partnerships. Download to learn more.
Bridge for Billions Impact Report 2023
A brief summary of the main achievements and impact created by Bridge for Billions in 2023.
Case Study
Entrepreneurship to end senior poverty
In 2021, AARP collaborated with Bridge for Billions for it’s Work for Yourself@50+ program to provide underserved senior entrepreneurs with more hands-on support to successfully launch businesses.
Case Study
Scaling entrepreneurship support to boost job creation
By partnering with UNIDO, Bridge for Billions implemented the IDEA APP Program to boost access to entrepreneurship amongst women and youth in several regions of Africa.
Case Study
Green Ventures: Innovating for the Planet
UNEP's case study showcases the environmental efforts, highlighting the Restoration Factory initiative with Bridge for Billions to foster sustainable ventures.
Youth Infographic Cover
Performance of Young Early-Stage Entrepreneurs
An infographic covering the main results obtained by young entrepreneurs aged 18-30 from Bridge for Billions programs, collected on a global basis.
Case Study
Supporting social entrepreneurs in Youth Education, Employability and Self-empowerment
Explore Chanel's unique blend of luxury and social entrepreneurship in this case study. Discover how partnerships and mentorship drive change.
Before and after incubation: gender-based results
This infographic shares key learnings about the number of jobs created, revenue generated and funds obtained before and after the incubation programs, comparing female and male founders.
Empowering Youth and Women Through Entrepreneurship
Unlock the power of entrepreneurship for youth and women. Explore insights and successes from the IDEA program.
Case Study
Extending support to minority-led small and micro-enterprises during and after the pandemic
Discover how Visa empowered minority-led SMBs with $5M in capital & mentorship during COVID-19. A story of resilience & innovation.

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