Empowering Youth and Women Through Entrepreneurship


The “Lesson learned & Impact Report from UNIDO’s IDEA Program” examines the impact of entrepreneurship programs on youth and women, highlighting the key role such initiatives play in job creation and economic empowerment. It begins by emphasizing the significance of entrepreneurship as a catalyst for social and economic change, particularly for vulnerable groups.

The report outlines the program’s objectives, strategies, and outcomes, demonstrating how innovative approaches and partnerships contribute to sustainable development and gender equality. This introduction sets the stage for a detailed analysis of the program’s achievements and challenges, providing a clear overview of its scope and impact.

In this Report you can find

  • Innovative strategies for entrepreneurship growth, focusing on inclusivity and sustainability.
  • Extensive global impact, highlighting successful case studies in diverse regions.
  • Strategic partnerships for long-term success and scalability of entrepreneurship initiatives.

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