Our online incubation program

The Leap

Develop your business idea, prove your product-market fit, and test the financial viability with our step-by-step methodology and a personal mentor by your side!

Application deadline
30 August
Program starts in September, 05
1:1 mentorship sessions
Every week
Program duration
With 6-8h/week
Program fee
For the duration of 4 months | No equity taken

The program is perfect for you if you need:

  • Find your product-market fit

  • Build a business that’s financially viable

  • Get support from a personal mentor

  • Expand your network

  • Develop new abilities and soft skills as an entrepreneur

  • Prepare your pitch to potential investors and partners

  • Create your own business plan

Whether you have a business idea, an MVP, or are already selling your product or service, The Leap is for you!

Get ready, this is how your journey in The Leap will start!

Step 1

Applications now open!

  • Fill out your application and let us know your motivations, needs, and goals

  • Check that the program fits your needs as an early-stage founder

  • Once you’re accepted, confirm your spot by adding your credit card details. You won’t be charged until you don’t find your mentor!

Step 2

Matching process

  • You choose your mentor and the mentor chooses you during the matching process

  • Get ready and meet mentors from all types of backgrounds, and rank them according to who you’d prefer to work wit

  • Mentors will also send us their own ranking. Chemistry matters!

Step 3

Start incubating your project!

  • You’ll have weekly sessions with your personalized mentor!

  • Follow our step-by-step methodology with our 8 business modules

  • Join our Pitch Practice session, our six workshops, and our global Community! And learn about seed-stage investment in our Global Investors Network Bootcamp

Do you have any questions?

Book a 20-minute one-to-one session with our Customer Success Manager Rocío, to get all your questions answered (in English, Spanish or French) at a time that fits your agenda. No strings attached!

Read our reviews!

Amazing experience!! Great entrepreneurs from several countries and industries. Good support from the Bridge team and the platform is a great guide. The Leap is a very valuable process in the entrepreneurial journey.
José Furfaro
Hola Nadia, gracias por tu correo!. La experiencia con Bridge en mi rol como mentor es enriquecedora como aprendizaje y como experiencia con cada mentee. Mi punto de vista luego de varios años con Bridge son dos: en primer lugar se debe mejorar la "selección" de proyectos a mentorizar en cuanto a su posibilidad de llevarlo a cabo y nivel de madurez de los mentores y por otro lado es necesario modificar la plataforma desde el punto de vista de usuario con el objetivo de que el mentee pueda ver resultados mas claros en cada herramienta y pueda comprenderla en su totalidad y como aplicarla. Desde ya, cualquier inquietud al respecto, no dejes de avisarme y podemos hablarlo directamente. Un saludo cordial, José
Dennis Farcinsen Leth
I get to meet entrepreneurs with great moonshots and helping them developing a business around these ideas is such a gratifying journey. I love to see ideas, teams and individuals evolve and taking on big challenges. If you've got the skills for mentoring. You should join our tribe.
Love the concept but didn't have a great experience with my mentee/company. I didn't receive proper onboarding (not sure how I was missed), so felt a little unsure about how to proceed and give direction to my mentee in some areas. I was also disappointed at the quality of applicants and applications when I went to choose a project. Many were not filled out completely or well, many were also not really social projects (I thought all would be).
Ricardo Antonio
In fact, to start from scratch is an excellent tool, only improve some variables in some tools, to make them more accessible to less technological entrepreneurs, (Fixed / variable asset types, for example) Great Tools and platform
Bueno, considerando mi falta de experiencia previa en lanzar una idea y convertirla en un proyecto en desarrollo, la verdad es que la herramienta de Bridge for Billions es una fórmula excelente de iniciación y orientación. Los mentores aportan una experiencia de la realidad muy útil para evaluar la solidez de los resultados y la minuciosidad del proceso. Creo que algunas de las tareas (realización de encuestas o estudios de mercado) se compadecen mal con los plazos disponibles para poder completar a tiempo los diferentes pasos y culminar en los tres meses previstos el proceso de incubación. Por eso yo hubiese agradecido anticipar ya al principio de la herramienta este tipo de tareas, de manera que diese tiempo a llevarlas a cabo con meticulosidad y poder incorporar sus resultados a la misma antes de que expirase el periodo de incubación, mejorando así notablemente la solidez de sus resultados. Aparte de esto, creo que en general ha sido una eficaz y provechosa experiencia.
Peter Nufiquoi Dolo
For far too long I have struggled with transforming my social impact business idea into a visible business plan. The truth is, I am not a business student or expert with expertise in business plan development. But through the help of a Bridge Mentor and a well tailored and easy-to-use step by step virtual platform, I have had the privilege to transform my business idea into a visible plan without even considering the pursuit of a business degree as a prerequisite. My excitement about the virtual platform is the presence of a parrot that contains helpful information to enable the preparation of one’s work in a way that the mentor will not have a lot of difficult time reviewing. In addition, the entire B4B program is unique and truly designed to help every entrepreneur realize their dream regardless of their economic situation and geographic location. I come from Liberia, a country devastated by fourteen years of civil unrest and a devastating period of Ebola outbreak that shattered the country's economy thus hampering my ability to afford the cost of participating in B4B incubation program. But through the innovation of the Bridge for Billions team, I was able to participate in the incubation without paying a dime as I was privileged to win the #GiftTheLeap competition where one slot is given to an entrepreneur who posts his/her business idea on Facebook and gets the highest likes and shares. In my true opinion, B4B is truly an unmatched 20st century opportunity for early stage entrepreneurs wanting to transform their ideas into a visible plan and reality regardless of the status quo. Apart from just assisting you with the tools to transform your idea into a business plan, B4B also connects entrepreneurs with amazing mentors who can be true companions in the journey. The guarantee of this, however, is up to you, the mentee/entrepreneur, how you manage the relationship with your mentor during the course of your three to four months agreement and beyond. I am grateful of how my professional relationship with my human centric mentor, Izabela Serowik, has transitioned to a point where she’s now more involved with the work of my organization, Community Solutions Aid (CSAID), as she continues to play an active advisory role as a Board Member while contributing to resource mobilization through fundraising to enable the pilot of the our proposed Student Housing Program intended to assist rural students overcome the challenge of limited access to quality secondary education in their communities. If there is anything that I can suggest to enhance the smooth operations of the Bridge incubation program, I would suggest that payment method(s) be diversified to include bank transfer as some inspiring entrepreneurs in developing countries lack access to PayPal and other options to pay the cost of the program online to enable their participation. Also, I will also suggest that there be some reduction in the cost of the program for entrepreneurs from low income countries to enable them afford their cost of participation as I consider this incubation a must for ever entrepreneur. In my frank and final word, give B4B incubation program a try. I am sure you will never regret the time.
I enjoyed the program and got a lot more out of it than I expected. Still a few rough edges in some of the modules, but overall was a very beneficial program for me and my team.
Bridge for billions offers a good tool to startups but there is still improvements needed to be made. Some sections are very long and not relevant to some businesses.

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