Build your capacity as incubator accelerator with a pioneering programme in Bangladesh


Incubators & accelerators can apply by: April 30th 2020

What is Bridge for Billions?

Bridge for Billions is a digital ecosystem of incubation programs that provides the right tools & guidance to early-stage entrepreneurs to develop their companies, facilitates the roles of mentors and eases your work as programme managers by letting you leverage a scalable platform and proven methodology as well as gain control and visibility on the progress of your incubated companies.

About the programme

Bangladesh Incubation Program

Bridge for Billions and Scaling Impact Enterprises – Bangladesh are joining forces to offer a capacity building programme supporting incubators and accelerators to offer high quality services to innovative social start-ups in Bangladesh. 


If selected, you’ll undergo a training and access best-in-class tools to run fully online or blended incubation programmes.


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Bangladesh Incubation Program

Why participate?

Increase your outreach

10 selected incubators will get licenses, for entrepreneurs to access resources & mentorship unique in the Bangladesh ecosystem.

Digitise your support

You'll be equipped with a scalable technology to offer a high quality incubation program with a global reach, for the 1st time in Bangladesh.

Use the latest frameworks

Bridge for Billions' entrepreneurship methodology is proven, it's been designed by founders for founders and already supported 1000+ of them.

Offer immersive incubation

Since active learning is the most effective method, the platform offers a learn-by-doing approach where incubees generate a business plan in PDF.

Facilitate mentorship

Your mentors will be provided training and the same tools as entrepreneurs, which have proven to increase the mentorships' quality.

Gain control & visibility

You'll be able to monitor the progress of each startup, their mentors interaction, and provide a great experience, even remotely.

The platform at a glance

It offers a gamified and step by step experience that allows entrepreneurs to create their business plans and structure their model. Far from theory, the pedagogy pushes early-stage founders to formulate their ideas and answer the tough questions. It invites them to “get out there”, talk to people, research, and validate their ideas. The mentor is here every week to challenge assumptions, double check and support.

Bangladesh Incubation Program
Bangladesh Incubation Program

Programme Timeline

Until April 30th: Apply to participate

Tell us more about your organisation in the application form below. We will offer licenses to 10 participating incubators and accelerators, who will benefit from the opportunity to offer entrepreneurs access to structured resources and mentorship opportunities unique in the Bangladesh accelerator ecosystem.

May 2020: Results & Onbarding to the platform

If selected, you will undergo a training by the Bridge for Billions team about the incubation platform, its methodology and how to run your incubations programmes with it. After that, you will have the flexibility to implement it as you see fit: (1) Either as part of an ongoing onsite incubation program; (2) Or as a standalone offer to impact enterprises that you would not have been able to incubate otherwise.

June onwards: Selection of your participants

All incubators and accelerators will be responsible for recruiting their cohort of impact enterprises and mentors for the programme. A website and marketing materials will be provided so that both mentors and impact enterprises can apply through your own Bridge for Billions’ portal.

June onwards: Run your online incubation programmes

Program licenses will be valid from May until December 2020. In this time, incubators will let their entrepreneurs and mentors match one another via the platform's matching module, and have them start the structured online incubation with weekly activities and mentorship sessions. Not all programmes have to run concurrently, each incubator will need 4 months for their participants to complete the full Bridge for Billions incubation cycle.

Ready to start?