Develop your creative and critical skills

We have identified 3 creative-critical skills that are particularly useful for entrepreneurship. Discover and develop them with challenges and resources that we’ve created just for you.

  • Creative Thinking: seeing a situation from different points of view and having original ideas.

  • Problem Solving: finding the best solutions to problems.

  • Resourcefulness: seeing chances that present themselves, identifying trends and taking advantage of opportunities around you.

creative and critical skills

Put yourself to the test and develop new super powers 🚀


With a cow...

Develop your creative thinking

Divergent Thinking is a process used to produce creative ideas by pushing us to consider as many solutions as possible. With at least two people you can try it out in just 5 minutes. Make a list of "All ways you can make money with a cow." Come up with as many answers as possible & then compare your lists.


TED Talk by L. Marishane

Develop your resourcefulness

In this quick and inspiring talk, "A bath without water", the South African entrepreneur Ludwick Marishane tells his incredible story of identifying a problem in his community and creating an innovative solution with very few resources.
Click to watch the video!


Kitchen MacGyver

Develop your resourcefulness

Check your kitchen cabinets and take on this challenge: How many different recipes can you prepare with only the ingredients you have at home, and nothing more? Write the recipes down for the mental practice, and actually make the dishes if you're feeling adventurous!


The index card

Develop your creative thinking

Think you're not creative? Carry an index card with your for a month. Any time you have an idea (any idea!), write it down. Inspiration can come from conversations, dreams, problems, books, radio, or just moment alone. At the end of the month, re-read the card and see all the things you thought of. Then decide if you want to act on any of the ideas you have written.

Develop other soft skills superpowers

Develop other superpowers

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