Develop your practical skills

We have identified 4 practical skills that are particularly useful for entrepreneurship. Discover and develop them with challenges and resources that we’ve created just for you.

  • Goal Setting: establishing goals, creating a plan to reach them, and completing them.

  • Decision Making: making decisions based on trustworthy information and measuring the possible consequences.

  • Organization: knowing how to coordinate your own effort and that of others in order to reach objectives; managing projects and teams.

  • Time Management: knowing how to evaluate the time required for a task and planning accordingly. 

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Project management

Develop your listening

Try out a simple project management tool for a week. Apps like Trello (click here to activate an account) allow you to organize tasks and visualize your progress with a flexible and fully adaptable "Kanban Table" for any of your needs, whether they be personal or professional projects.


The 1-3-9 system

Develop your time management

Tackle your to-do list in order. Organize your to-do's into 4 priority levels:
- 1 very important task
- 3 important task
- 9 less important task - all other tasks
Click to learn more about this system.


"Satisficing vs. Maximizing"

Develop your decision making

Herbert Simon has defined 2 ways of decision making: "satisfiers" make a choice when their criteria is met; but "maximizers" can't choose until they have analyzed all of the options. Maximizers often suffer through decisions. Click to identify your style and find out how to make better decisions.


Done list

Develop your goal setting

"To-do lists" can motivate us to action, but they can also easily overwhelm. Try making a "Done list" to counteract this sensation. Before focusing on your to-do list, write the things you have already accomplished this week or this month. In noting your Done List you'll be more motivated to face new tasks.


SMART Objectives

Develop your negotiation

SMART is a common acronym to create clear, measurable goals. Whenever you make a goal for yourself, make sure that it is:
S : Specific
M : Measurable
A : Achievable
R : Realistic
T : Timely


Reason and intuition

Develop your decision making

The next time you have to make a decision, follow these steps:
1 - Reason : gather facts and data that contribute to a rational decision
2 - Intuition : examine it... How do you feel about this decision?
Don't skip any step. You might come back on your decision if you don't feel like taking it.

Develop other soft skills superpowers

Develop other superpowers

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