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We're on a mission to democratize access to entrepreneurship support worldwide

We envision a world in which everyone, everywhere can access opportunities to unleash their entrepreneurial potential and generate sustainable solutions for themselves and others.

The Bridge for Billions Team

We believe...

Innovation can Happen Anywhere
We are committed to the idea that innovation and entrepreneurship should have no borders. We harness the power of technology to ensure that location doesn’t play a role in limiting the ability of an entrepreneur to receive mentorship, support, or visibility.
Motivation + Resources = Successful Entrepreneurs
We strive to make entrepreneurship accessible to all who are motivated and passionate about business. Those who are motivated should not fail because of a lack of opportunity or access to a traditional business program.
Collaborative & Active Learning are Most Effective
We are passionate about the exchanging of ideas. We believe that this exchange is how learning is made more effective. We also believe that the best way to learn is through action. By putting into practice what you’ve learned, you better understand the ideas and how they play out in your business.
Good Mentorship Unlocks Potential
Mentorship provides a fresh look on an idea. They give an unbiased and external point of view to ensure that you’re on the right path. We believe that it is this mentorship that helps develop strong businesses with the potential to succeed.

The core of our team: Our values.

Check out the competences that we practice daily in  this link. Think of which ones you already practice and which ones you have to work harder on.


We believe that to be able to empower others we need self-empowerment first, by striving to always be better, going off beaten paths and being resourceful. This is how we arrived where we are today and how we can continue to drive the boat to change things.


Overcome your fears and be willing to take risks. Put yourself out there even if you might fail. Unleash your own potential by daring to test new things and taking ownership of the outcomes. Courage is important because it allows people to reach for more, be vulnerable and create trust.


We dare to dream big and like to challenge the impossible so everyone needs to show grit, seek his/her own improvement, be resilient, keep learning and moving forward. We are also careful to create a favorable environment for the growth of each.


People who show empathy put collective interests above their own, put efforts into trying to understand a different point of view, respect people’s feelings, and take action to help each other and our entrepreneurs.

We are a self learning team so...

Here’s a list of tasks we encourage you to follow in order to onboard yourself and understand how the Bridge team works. Try to finish this learning outcomes during your first week and for any questions reach out to anyone.  The items are clickable. 

Learn more about the team.

Meet the Team

18 Bridgers from 11 countries and speaking as many languages. Get to know the team a bit and see if you can idenitfy all the languages

The five Dysfunctions of a team

Lack of Vulnerability based trust , Fear of conflict , Passive commitment, Avoidance of accountability, Inattention to results. Patrick Lencioni takes a deep dive into these dysfunctions which we work on a lot here at Bridge.

Building a high performing Team Culture

We’re a proud TEAL organization and this culture is at the heart of everything we do! Not sure what the heck team culture means? Our COO Julie covers all that in this video

Bridge for Billions Story.

How it all began (ES)

For our ES Team members. Walk with Pablo through the startup sory and motivation behind the founding of Bridge for Billions 

The journey so far

4 years later, 1000+ entrepreneurs, 800+ mentors, over 80 programs co-created with various partners ,high impact in terms of jobs created and businesses started and many more.

Entrepreneur's Story

Our Entrepreneur (E), Jose Maria shares his startup story and how supportive the program was to helping him kickstart his business 

Learn everything about our platform and community.

The Admin Panel

How to use the Admin/ Program Manager panel to oversee the incubation program and follow the progress of E’s 

Tools Deep Dive

Step by Step guide through our 8 business tools and the final outcome for entrepreneurs- Business plan

Entrepreneurs Dashboard

Phoebe walks us through the E’s journey and how to use the entrepreneurs dashboar.

Joining The Community

Don’t forget to join our ever growing community where you can meet all our past & present E’s and Mentors. Ask any team member to add you if you are not in it already

The Visual Business Plan

Here you get a walkthrough of the final Visual Business plans E’s automatically generate after going through the entire program. This is a great guide for investor pitches and a roadmap for future growth

Mentors Dashboard

From selecting a project to mentoring a startup through any of our programs, here is  all you need to know about the Mentor’s dashboard. Feel free to sign up and support one of the entrepreneurs..its always a great experience

Understand the ecosystem.

Open Innovation

We talk a lot about innovation and the Business Development Team is very focused on supporting organizations to improve their innovation process. Pablo gives an insightful lecture on the Value proposition we offer in this direction and how we support various organizations

Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in the Carolinas

New to the ‘ecosystem’ or an accomplished entrepreneur yourself? This short talk by Michael Mino touches all the basics and proposes some insights on creating environments that encourages and inspires entrepreneurs and the spirit of entrepreneurship?

Building Innovation Ecosystems: Are Latin American Countries Making Progress?

Latin America has a number of well-known innovation hubs—Buenos Aires, Guadalajara, Santiago, to name a few—but Latin America generally lags behind other regions in global measures of innovation capacity. What will it take to change the situation?  Consuelo Valverde, Diego Molano, and Juan Carlos Navarro provide CONTEXT.

Building Africa's Technology Ecosystem - Disrupt Berlin 2018

As technology startups begin to flourish in sub-Saharan Africa, what opportunities and obstacles lie ahead for African startups and the ecosystem? Hear from Omobola Johnson (TLcom Capital) and Elo Umeh (Terragon Group).

Europe’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem – Looking to the Future by Understanding the Past

Beezer Clarkson and Colette Ballou draw on their myriad of experience as investors and entrepreneurs, and discuss the up and down cycles in European technology landscape and where they think things are headed.

What they don't tell you about entrepreneurship

The reality of being an entrepreneur is much harder than most people are willing to open up about. Mark Leruste exposes the truth behind the life of the every-day entrepreneur and why it’s important that we talk openly and truthfully about the pressures and struggles associated with starting a business and what it actually feels like.