Employee Engagement Programs

Foster your employees’ engagement through skill-based volunteering & make an impact on the SDGs

They work with us

Change old-fashion volunteering for an employee engagement program that connects employees to the entrepreneurship ecosystem and infuse your team with startup energy.

Keep top employees engaged through innovation

Do you want to increase your employees’ loyalty, engagement and retention?

Connect your employees with founders tackling today's most pressing challenges.

Do you want to develop your employees skill set?

Turn your employees into mentors for early-stage founders.

Do you want the new generation of employees to be attracted to your company’s purpose?

Employees will accompany startups globally to have a tangible impact in the SDGs

Employees develop key skills by becoming mentors

This is the consolidated data from our study on 40 participants with two Fortune 500 Companies


Improve their empathy, curiosity, collaboration skills & persuasive communication


Developed their entrepreneurial skills, pragmatism & business knowledge


Became more innovative & more agile with change


Improve their leadership & job satisfaction

Our pedagogy will help your employees overcome the initial and natural “impostor’s syndrom” and guide them in a structured way throughout the program, from supporting the entrepreneur they matched with in the development of their value proposition all the way to defining their growth plan. All while your employees develop their soft and hard skills, and train their own entrepreneurial muscle.

How could the leading Spanish real estate company, create the sustainable cities of the future?

How does it work?

The program design is tailored to your specific organization’s context. Whether you’d like to increase your employees engagement, boost leadership and entrepreneurial skills or directly support the SDGs we’ll co-create the program with you from A to Z and co-manage it with you. Our structured process ensures they are accountable to the program and that you get results.

Dive inside a purpose-driven entrepreneurship program

After meeting at One Young World in 2018, a few super motivated BMW employees set out to create a mentoring program themselves to support global changemakers. Together we selected ~20 top BMW employees, trained them to become mentors and help them develop new innovation skills, a more agile mindset, and of course contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Meet a Bridge for Billions program architect
Our program architects design innovation programs with the world’s leading corporates, foundations, universities and governments. Thanks to our years in the field, we know that each organization needs a tailored program that produces the right results, and that’s our main focus.
Meet your program architect
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