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Provide more opportunities for purpose in their day-to-day work

The truth is that doing good has been good for business for a while but 2020 truly accelerated the conversation. Nowadays not only your consumers are expecting your business goals to match the welfare of society but your employees are in it too.

Social movements in 2020 plus the COVID-19 crisis caused a paradigm shift and more people to wonder how their day to day activities connect with their purpose and values… and they’re expecting organizations like yours to help them figure it out.

By connecting your employees to entrepreneurs developing solutions to the most pressing social issues of today and in sectors of their own interest you’ll not only guarantee growth, loyalty and social awareness but you’ll also be generating decent job opportunities and innovation  in communities where it’s most needed. 

An entrepreneurship program that employees want to be a part of

Create a program to tackle the social cause your organization is already working on or in the sector of your preference. Connect different areas, seniority levels or offices within your organization.
We will train your employees in the latest entrepreneurial methodologies and guide them every step of the way as they become mentors to an early-stage founder of their choosing.
Employees get to connect and work one-to-one with the project that interests them the most or work in the specific social cause they feel passionate about.
"This mentoring program gave me a chance to really think outside of the box and engage skills that I might not otherwise use in my regular day-to-day activities. I also learned a great deal from my mentee and we helped each other look at processes and topics in a way that we might not have initially considered — the program really fosters critical thinking for the both the mentor and the mentee. Overall, this has been an incredibly positive experience and a great opportunity to help an individual looking to make a positive impact on the world."
Ami Baumgardner
Vehicle Logistics Specialist at BMW Financial Services and mentor for the BMW program

Create your own experience

Let’s design it together!


Needs Assessment

Count on our expertise running entrepreneurship programs in 138 countries and across all sectors to understand how to reach your organization’s objectives. Let’s define the type of entrepreneur or project you want to support based on your organization's purpose, the requirements of the employees that will participate and timeline.


Program Kickoff

After we align on the pillars of your entrepreneurship program, your assigned Program Manager is ready to kick-off.  In collaboration with Marketing we will develop communication materials to find the entrepreneurs for your program. When your employees have selected the entrepreneur they want to work with, we’ll onboard everyone into the program and walk them through the methodology and the incubation platform. 


Implementation Support

We manage all aspects of the program implementation with you, from launch and scouting of participants to facilitation, incubation support and impact reporting. Our incubation platform comes equipped with the content, methodology and technology to make the program easy-to-manage and a complete success but we keep it flexible in order to adapt to your employees needs. 


Closing and Evaluation

After entrepreneurs have validated and built strong businesses and meaningful relationships through their weekly one-to-one sessions and training with your employees, we can host a closing session to celebrate the achievements and reflect on the experience. You’ll get a complete report with the growth of your employees throughout the program in areas such as communication, leadership, social awareness and much more. 

Every program we design is unique. Just like our clients

Beyond Boundaries

In alliance with TMF Group, we’re on a mission to simplify the journey of social entrepreneurs by helping them navigate through challenges, and strategize for solid business growth. Join Beyond Boundaries to access an innovative incubation program, expert mentorship and a global entrepreneur community.

Chanel Employee Engagement

Chanel teamed up with Bridge for Billions to design a corporate volunteering program that would provide an inspiring opportunity to employees. The program stemmed from Ashoka’s Changemaking Companies initiative, with Chanel’s objective to support employees in deepening their knowledge of social entrepreneurship.

Visa Mentorship Program

Visa Inc. designed a corporate volunteering program where employees became mentors to founders from underrepresented groups creating small and micro-businesses. The objective of the program is to promote economic development and growth in collectives who normally wouldn't have access to support and resources whilst providing an engaging mentorship ...

Diverse Founders’ Initiative

The Diverse Founder’s Initiative is an entrepreneurship program launched in partnership with Salesforce, seeking to support by no cost to Entrepreneurs who lack access to opportunities because of race, ethnicity and/or income level, developing their ideas in any sector, anywhere. As a participant in this program, entrepreneurs undergo a 3-month i...

Future Cities

A program to promote urban sustainability through entrepreneurship whilst offering Vía Célere employees an enriching employee to connect with talented entrepreneurs innovating for the sustainable future of our cities and urban spaces.

BWM Changemaker Xchange

A Corporate Volunteering Program to provide social entrepreneurs from the global ChangemakerXchange community a chance to get quality mentorship from top BMW employees. The objective of the program was to launch new social startups while connecting employees with the social causes that interest them, their personal purpose, and coworkers from other...

Making More Health

Making More Health is an Innovation Promotion and Employee Engagement program by Boeringher Ingleheim and Ashoka to support young entrepreneurs with cutting-edge projects in the healthcare sector aimed at generating innovative solutions for the wellbeing and health of communities in Spain.

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