These are some of the amazing entrepreneurs that make up our community

430k Eur Funding

Approved their clinical trial and secured 430k Eur in funding during MVP phase and their first year of existence.

$200 Million Portfolio
ArexTech is an awarded startup that manages a portfolio of $200 Million real estate assets across 7 countries.
1million children
Amelie was elected Forbes 30 Under 30 and since 2012 AprendicesVisuales has trained 32k+ people and impacted +1million children.
200 more students
Emmanuel founded Bikema with 20 students and is now supporting 220+, with 30% more revenue and offering free education to 50 girls.
1000+ families supported
During COVID19 outbreak, Litro de Luz supported 1000+ vulnerable families with food supplies and access to electricity in Brazil.
180 microloans
Bcecoloans has supported 180 clients with microfinancing between young people, women and smallholder farmers.
Best GovTech of the Year
Awarded Best GovTech in Washington, partners with several organisations and local power across different countries.
Top 50 Young Ghanaian

Ivy was named Top 50 Most Influential Young Ghanaian in 2017 and has now opened a new training center for DIV in Accra.

29 tons of waste daily
Loecky is an Ashoka Changemaker and through Merah, they manage 29 tons of waste materials per day and saved 6,365 tons of CO2 emissions.
5000+ people impacted
Needlab has 46 projects across 4 continents and directly impacting more than 5000 people.
Fighting melanoma with Xiaomi
Legit.Health skin diseases technology is backed by the EU and is now developing a software app with smartphone giant Xiaomi.
13k+ blood donations
Through Blooders, 13,000+ voluntary unpaid blood donations have been processed with an indirect impact on 39,000+ people.
Top Startup Architecture
Plant on demand was selected by EIT Food Seedcamp to be backed by the EU and has been listed by Amazon Web Services as Top Startup Architecture of the Year in Iberia.
3000+ patients
HumanITCare was named by Forbes top emerging solutions. In 2020 they serv 3000+ users in 30 hospitals with reduced follow-up costs by 40%.
300k+ Eur Subscriptions
Guanxi manages a crowdinvesting platform with over 300k+ Eur in subscriptions and a community of 19k members.
1,700 farmers
Tieme Ndo has suppoted over 1,700 farmers distributing 567 tons of Fertilizer and 8 tons of Seeds increasing crop yields in 50 communities.
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Women founders
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Of businesses active 2 years after the program
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The Program was well composed. You can really see the depth of business expertise that has been invested in the development tools. It is a very worthwhile exercise regiment."
Hassiem Jackson
Founder of Entrepreneur Agenda Community
Hassiem Jackson
Bridge for Billions doesn't give you all the answers but they ask you all the right questions in The Leap, the online incubation program for early-stage founders like us. Through The Leap I could challenge the foundations of my project by digging deeper into the fundamentals and truth behind my clients' real pains all the ways. I did not feel lonely at any moment thanks to my mentors' weekly sessions that made the entrepreneurship journey as smooth as can be. For so, I recommend Bridge for Billions experience. "
José María Elola Oca
Founder of Nikarit
José María Elola Oca
Thanks to the program, I was able to better structure my service offer and my value proposition"
Fernando Antonio Aguilar Morales
Founder of Espacio Euler
Fernando Antonio Aguilar Morales
Fernando Antonio Aguilar Morales
Being on Bridge for Billions community was an eye-opener for me. I learnt a lot of things business-wise. The journey with my mentor was amazing and she was always supportive. I am looking forward to putting the skills learnt on my business venture."
Pamela Wesonga
Founder of Teetyrant Enterprise
Pamela Wesonga
I've learned a great deal about my industry from my mentor. It was an experience I'd want to have again."
Dickson Agyei Jnr
Founder of StudHive
The program really helped us structuring and directing our company's momentum. It allowed us to condense our value proposition and make a tangible, marketable product out of it. The mentor you matched us was so valuable that we decided make her a member of our advisory board."
Friedrich Foerstner
Founder of foldAI
Friedrich Foerstner
Thanks to Bridge for Billions we were able to clearly analyze our market and find a very interesting niche that differentiates us from the competition and opens up very good possibilities for us, we are about to make our first big contract ... wish us luck!"
Natalia Bendek
Founder of Esariri
Natalia Bendek
Natalia Bendek
In the past months we obtained our first revenue as a company. Even if this was not completely a direct result from the program, the customer exploration that we embarked on lead us to that path."
austria flag
Hugo Furtado
Founder of Dreamwaves
Dreamwaves Logo
With over 46 projects on 4 continents and directly impacting more than 5000 people, Sameera was invited to speak at the UN-Habitat Assembly in Kenya."
Sameera Chukkapalli
Founder of NeedLab
Sameera Chukkapalli
Ivy was listed in the Top 50 Most Influential Young Ghanaian in 2017 and is a Global Shaper for The World Economic Forum. Last year they opened a new training center for women in tech in Accra."
Ivy Barley
Founder of DiV Developers In Vogue
Ivy Barley
Awarded by The Tony Elumelu Foundation, they now count on a team of 30 employees in 3 microfinancing centers and support 180 clients between youg people, women and smallholder farmers."
Héritier Kitumaini Mutabazi
Founder of Bcecoloans
Héritier Kitumaini Mutabazi
Awarded Best GovTech of the Year by the Washington Academy of Political Arts and Sciences. They’re partnering with several organizations and local power across Spain, UK, Lithuania, Austria and others. "
Matias Nso
Founder of
Matias Nso

The community is very diverse but they do have one thing in common: they're all purpose-driven

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