Enabling access to quality entrepreneurship worldwide

We exist to enable more early-stage entrepreneurs of all kinds to thrive, generating jobs and solutions for everyone, so our economies sustainably meet the needs of all.

What is wrong with many entrepreneurship programs globally?

Lack of Opportunities

  • Ask for high fees or equity

  • Have limited capacity

  • Are very costly to run

  • Only accept 1-5% of applicants

  • Only exist in big cities

  • Mostly located in high income regions

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Lack of Diversity

  • Require previous business knowledge.

  • Low representation of minorities

  • Favor tech projects

  • Accept few women founders

  • Exclude low income founders

  • Require higher education.

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Lack of Efficiency

  • Cannot scale its capacity & operations

  • Struggle to offer 1-to-1 mentorship.

  • Lack proven business methodology

  • Lack a learn by doing pedagogy.

  • Still use old-fashioned lectures

  • Believe online is all about webinars

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Entrepreneurs create products and services that solve the problems of people similar to them. Therefore, if we unlock innovation for all, all kinds of solutions will emerge for social and environmental issues that matter to most and this will make our economies more inclusive and resilient. 

We make it easier to access entrepreneurship support

We create entrepreneurship programs with public and private organizations to promote purpose-driven innovation, generate decent employment opportunities and promote inclusion and diversity in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. 

Female Founders
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Startups survival rate after 1 year
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These are the allies that help us fulfill our mission

The team that makes it all possible

We are an ever-evolving team of leaders, a unique team that embraces the wholeness of everyone and that focuses on the “why” behind everything we do.

Pablo Santaeufemia

Pablo Santaeufemia

Chief Executive Officer

Jaime Mateo

Chief Technology Officer

Julie Murat

Chief Operations Officer

Rodrigo Casar

Head of Growth & Business Intelligence

Alan Wagenberg

Head of Program Management

Agustina Pérez

Head of People & Culture

Jessica Kou

Lead UI/UX Designer

Pablo Parejo

Senior Software Engineer

Alexandra Martins

Program Director

Afia Bobia

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa

Javier Calvo

Brand & Design Manager

María Sola

Software Engineer

Natàlia Bartrolí

Program Director

Pere Cordon

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Director - Spain & Latam

Rocío Carrera Díaz

Impact Lead & Program Manager

Carla Mouriño

Public Relations Lead

Margarida Soares

Program Manager

Lauretha Leiva

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Associate

Alberto Gasco

Graphic Designer & UI Specialist

Hernán Rodríguez

Software Engineer

Arielle Combrink

Program Manager

Esthefany Moscoso

LATAM Program Manager

Douglas Torres Torres

LATAM Program Manager

Mahmoud Assy

Program Manager

Abigail Tzunún

Customer Support Associate

Juan Calafell

Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Paz Cuenca

Finance Controller & Admin

Lola Wong

Program Manager

Rocío Fernández Gutiérrez

Program Manager

Anika Leal García

Program Associate

Alejandro Botran Farias

Business Development Manager

Mirna Dragas

Product Owner

Rayner Fernández

FrontEnd Developer

Stephanie Esprester

Program Manager

Kimberly Carlotti

Community Builder

Ngata Holele

Program Manager

Bianca Breveglieri

Program Manager

Irene Padovese

B2B Content Manager

Santiago Bolás

Mid Developer

Martín Jacobo

Program Manager

Paola Rosenberg

Program Manager

Camila del Mar

Sales Associate

Sofia Pinto

Customer Success

Herbert Mendoza

Program Manager

Lucila Marti

Graphic Designer

Andres Varela

Head of Sales

Alan Podolsky

Finance and Operations Assistant

Kerstin Castillo

Program Manager

Yann Huguenard

Business Development Manager
A special thanks to our Board members

Alon Shklarek


Andrea Sinclair

Board Member

Emmanuel Heurtier

Board Member

The values that guide us

We believe that through our values we’ll achieve our full potential and therefore our social mission.


We overcome our fears and take risks by putting ourselves out there even when we might fail.


We dare to dream big, be resilient and challenge the impossible to move forward.


We put collective interests above our own to support each other and the entrepreneurs.


We are resourceful and we strive to always be better. We know that to empower others we need self-empowerment first.

If you believe these words describe you, you feel aligned and committed to our purpose, and you know you have the charisma to be a reference within our community, keep reading…

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