The creation of Innovation-based SMEs is urgent

Ensure your economic development initiatives boost and measure real job creation.

Boost job creation and economic opportunities where it’s most needed

Industry 4.0 puts in danger the world’s SMEs and the reality is that even with all the grants and liquidity banks are injecting in them, growth will not be effective until we bet on innovation-based SME training, mentorship and financial access. 

The lack of support to SMEs during this transformation is evident and will only continue to result in massive unemployment globally which will continue to decrease the quality of life of billions of people. 

To ensure that the right foundations are in place to fight back the current crisis of opportunities we must bet on diverse, inclusive and efficient entrepreneurship support.

An entrepreneurship program that increases quality of life

Create a program that adapts to the local reality and boosts job creation in the most relevant value chains of the community your organization is already supporting.

Tailor the program to provide the resources and support needed to a specific group of entrepreneurs. Ensure they have all they need to build strong and resilient businesses.

Track the entrepreneurs during and 2 years after the program to ensure that they generate growth and employment opportunities for themselves and their communities.
"Bridge for Billions has been an incredibly useful program for us, helping us organize our ideas in a visual and practical way... it has served as a challenge, encouraging us to think about how to improve the social aspect of our startup and create goals that are focused on economic growth with social impact in Central America."
Tulio Tercero
Bridge Fellow and Founder at NerdyPunk, an online educational platform for coding

Create your own experience

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Needs Assessment

Count on our expertise running entrepreneurship programs in 98 countries and across all sectors to understand how to reach your organization’s objectives. Let’s define the type of entrepreneur, location and value chain you want to support as well as the ideal mentor, niche resources and sector experts if needed for your program.


Program Design

After we align on the pillars of your entrepreneurship program, your assigned Program Manager is ready to kick-off. In collaboration with Marketing we will develop communication materials to find the right entrepreneurs and mentors for your program.


Implementation Support

We manage all aspects of the program implementation with you, from launch and scouting of participants in your sector of interest to facilitation, incubation support and impact reporting. Our incubation platform comes equipped with the content, methodology and technology to make the program as smooth as possible. We can also add tailor-made resources and sessions to enhance the learning experience for any type of founder.


Closing and Evaluation

After entrepreneurs have validated and built strong businesses through their weekly one-to-one sessions and incubation training, we can host a demo day to celebrate and share learnings with all your stakeholders. We will provide you with an impact report with testimonials from participants and key metrics like soft skills development, completion rate and business survival rate, amongst many other factors we consistently track to ensure job creation. 

Every program we design is unique. Just like our clients

GIRA Mujeres

As part of their CSR Strategy, Coca-Cola developed a nationwide entrepreneurship program to drive socio-economic development in rural and urban areas by supporting women developing businesses in the food and beverage sector across Spain and Portugal.

IDEA App Program

A series of over 10 entrepreneurship programs in 15 different countries are going to support over 1000 entrepreneurs. The IDEA App program is one of the most ambitious entrepreneurship initiatives around the globe and will guide founders in developing innovative solutions in priority value chains for each country while also welcoming less-represented groups like youth and women into the entrepreneurship ecosystem.


La Caixa Foundation, through its program, decided to support entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups, with a lack of literacy and no previous support in entrepreneurship. The program aims to support entrepreneurs who are developing innovative solutions to improve the quality of life of people in Quispicanchi and Condorcanqui specifically.

The Restoration Factory

A program to achieve the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration goals by supporting the development of new purpose-driven forest businesses that ensure that restoration happens in a systematic way, born from an innovative way to do business, with the welfare of the ecosystem in mind.


This program is part of the Biniyog Briddhi: Social Impact Enterprises of Bangladesh. We offer a capacity-building program for incubators and accelerators in order to help them upgrade their offer and support many more social enterprises in Bangladesh.

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